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If you are NEW to club volleyball- READ BELOW

Club Volleyball can be confusing at times. We highly recommend you educate yourself before you start. 

1- In short, you must purchase a USAV Palmetto membership (below) in order to tryout and participate with a club.  This membership is explained below. 

2- Clubs are independent from Palmetto Region and you must also contact the club your are interested in joining.  That club will normally request information from you and probably need a tryout fee.  The club director should also be able to assist with questions. 

3- We recommend you read the region info on Tryouts- will help you understand what questions to ask to your club(s)  of interest. 

Sign up for Season Newsletter and Facebook for Members & Parents

This is extremely important so you can keep up with information during the season.  With COVID, changes could take place late, you will be kept informed via our Region Resource Newsletter

We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook, where current news is shared.

How to Register for Membership

USA Volleyball and Palmetto Region are using a new Registration Program through Sports Engine.

READ!!  Parents: It is critical you choose to purchase the membership " for your child" not yourself. 


1- Create Sports Engine account, primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian. This is Free! (Note: If you already have a SportsEngine account through another organization, you can use the same account to register with USAV/Palmetto Region).  If parent or child had a USAV membership in past, make sure you use same name as your membership. 

If spouse desires account, they will need seperate SE account. 


2- Watch this 3-minute video that explains how to establish your  SE account.  Click Here

3- Go to Sports Engine and create your SE account.  Remember, the SE account must be in the name of the PARENT, then you purchase a membership under the parent account for the child. 

Purchasing Junior and Adult Memberships

HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR TRYOUT MEMBERSHIP. (Note this will not be available until November 1)  
If the parent has a sports engine account AND the player has a tryout membership- click here to upgrade

Click here for how to upgrade video

NOTE CHECKOUT:  This is different than in the past.  
When you get to the checkout page, you will see two “transactions” that equal the total membership price.  One transaction represents the fees going to Palmetto Region and the other represents the fees going to USAV.  

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS (READ all below before purchasing)


During Junior Registration

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS (READ all below before purchasing)

12U-18U Tryout Membership Click Here

Initially, purchase the "Tryout" membership by choosing Tryout when you get to this screen to left (you will upgrade to season membership AFTER you are accepted by a club)

PRINT OUT MEMBER CARD-  Click here for video to explain

  • ALL players trying out for a travel/club team will need to initially purchase a $15 TRYOUT membership for the 2021-22 season. Even if you know the club/team you are joining, you will still need to purchase the tryout membership first and later upgrade.  
  • If you are trying out for multiple clubs- this form is REQUIRED

    AFTER you commit to a club, you are required to email the other clubs within 1 hr and notify them of your decision. 
    If you are trying out for a out of region club- provide name.  This does NOT register you with a specific club- you need to also contact the club to register with them. 
  • PLAYERS 11U and younger. NOTE: Players who are 11U and younger will have an option to purchase a Limited Full Membership. 9-11U can buy a $15 membership and 8 and under can obtain a Free membership, both of these are limited and will not be able to participate in a national tournament or High Performance program. Talk to your club if you don't know if you qualify for this type of membership.  MAKE SURE YOU CHECK AGE CHART BELOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU QUALIFY. 
  • Video instruction on purchasing a membership- Click Here. (It is the middle video)
  • Click here for USAV Age Division Chart


Region will post links here after 9/1 so you can purchase your membership.  Adult memberships cost $50 plus a $30 (every 2 years) background check cost.  

Adult Membership Categories: 

  • Club Directors  CLICK HERE - for club directors or club administrators 
  • Coaches- CLICK HERE   Head or Assistant Coaches
  • Non- Coach Adult:  CLICK HERE Chaperone, Manager, Team Rep, etc.

** ALL ADULT MEMBERSHIPS will carry additional requirements based on category: Impact, Safe Sport, Background, etc


Click here for "How To" video on Requirements (3rd video) 

Associate your membership with a Junior Club

Note: This is a NEW STEP. Different from past seasons. For Juniors: 

AFTER tryouts and/or your club makes you a team offer, you will receive two emails: 1) An invitation to join a club (you may receive more than one of these, from multiple clubs) and 2) A club assignment request from the club director. You must accept this request in order to affiliate yourself with that club. Do not accept the club assignment request if not playing with that club for this season. Accepting a club assignment request is equivalent to a virtual handshake or contract signing. 

Click here for an explanation of the differences between the email invitation and assignment request.

Once you accept a club assignment, you will UPGRADE your membership from Tryout membership to a Full Membership. Upgrade cost is $35.   Return to your sports engine account, choose member and choose upgrade membership. 

This offer/acceptance can NOT take place until after the start of the tryout window dates. 


After your membership purchase, the junior club you will be associated with will send you an email invitation to associate your membership with the club.  

Make sure you have completed all requirements in order to be placed on roster and complete your membership.  


Parents who hold a USAV membership may get into USAV Palmetto Region Tournaments at no cost.  At tournament, you must have a copy or picture of your membership card AND a photo ID- Driver License. 

Must have taken safe sport clinic and be added to your official team roster.  Takes approval from your club director.  Note there is a limit of 5 adult members per roster (including coaches).


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