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Palmetto Region Handbook


1- Club Deadlines, recommendations, ideas, date list
2- Club Relationship to region
2A. Coaches relationship to Club/Region:

3- Club parent-player contracts
4- Club Promotion/ Recruiting
5- Player movement  between clubs / Recruiting  FINE
6- Club Tryout Dates
7- Sanction on member for unpaid club fees


8- Player/Team Eligibility
8.1- Jr Player Age Classification
8.1.1- Player Eligibility for Events FINE
8.2- Team Age/Level Classification
9- Team Registration:
9.2- Team Webpoint/ AES Name
9.3- Team Registration Fee
10- Team 11 Digit Code
21.3 Ghost player on team (5 players)


11- Player USAV Member Registration
11.1- USAV Member fees
11.2- Sanctioned Season for Members
11.3- Player movement between clubs within season
12- Player age Waiver Request
12.1- Boys playing on girls teams
13- Coach Registration
13.3- Coaches Impact & Safesport Certification
13.4- Coaches Official Requirements
13.6- Team Volunteer-Parent Registration
14- Club Team Rosters FINE


15- Regional Tournaments
-15.1- Request to Host a Region Tournament
-15.2- Tournament Registration Process
-15.3- Tournament Dates
15.4- Tournament Team Seeding and Ranking
15.5- Tournament Fees
15.6- Tournament Gate Fees
15.7- Awards requirements for Tournaments
16- Tournament Protest
17- Team Uniform Rules
18- Team Officiating Requirements
19- Team level Movement
19-1:  12U region rules


20- Regional Championships
21- Team Eligibility for Regionals
22- Membership Dues
23- Member Medical & Liability Insurance Info
24- Facility Certificate of Insurance
25- D & O Liability Ins
27-30- Due Process
32- Sexual Harassment Policy 
33- Benefits of USAV- Palmetto membership
34- Region Paid Positions
35- Remitting concerns or complaints

Monthly Action Required Items Recommended Items Suggested or Information Items


* Start planning for coaching staff. Consider quality HS/MS coaches, since they have influence to players
* Update your website for upcoming season
 Hold clinics to generate interest in new members, must be open to everyone.


Post tryout rules on your website and share with you members. 

* Plan season fees so you collect over 40-50%+ before December so to cover your start up cost
* Have some type of tryout registration so you know who /how many will be attending
* Promote-Promote your club. Attend HS tournaments, matches, talk to parents, coaches. Run free ads in paper.
* Apparel: Review your needs for upcoming season. Make sure you check the shelf life. Some companies will allow you to place hold orders. Order different sizes so you can size during tryouts.
* 9/1 is earliest players can register on webpoint.




*AES- When setting up your teams into AES, make sure you include your club name in the Team Name.  For example: ABC Jrs 14 Black
* Club director or admin needs to confirm they can access their webpoint club information before 10/15.  Contact region if not.
* Begin encouraging your past members to take refesher official course online before 11/15.
* Make sure your club information is correct in Webpoint and in AES.





* Register your teams in AES in the events you plan to attend in region, you can pay in advance or before deadlines. Review rules and deadlines. In AES, your team name should include club name or abbrivated version.
* USAV member fees must be paid to region office, unless request for extension is approved.  Members can be added to rosters after this. Request pmt report from Region before remitting check.  We prefer check vrs CC.
* If you need insurance certificates for facilities, contact region
* make sure you know each teams 11 digit team code


* Request for age waivers – remit to region office via email. See Handbook for required items needed  


* Pull current season incident report form and make sure EVERY coach has this in their packet in the event of an injury.  Must be completed and remitted to region.  






   Encourage members to participate in outdoor events. 




July   * Begin your plans for next season.  


1.1  Club Date Reminders, deadlines, ideas

2. Club’s Independent Contractual Relationship with the Palmetto Region

The Palmetto Region will accept new Clubs only after a background check has been cleared by the United States Volleyball Association (USAV) on its director(s). The Region expects each volleyball Club to perform as an independent business, run and managed by its director and/or board. In order for a Club to maintain their membership with the Palmetto Region, the Club must follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Palmetto Region and USVA.

When joining a Club, the player and parents are contracting with a specific Club for services, not with the Region. In choosing a club, it is important for the parents to question the Club’s Director on how each Club manages their business affairs. In the event a Club fails to meet its contractual obligations to its members, the Region has the right and authority to sanction or terminate a Club’s membership in the Palmetto Region.

If a parent has a concern regarding their Club not meeting its contractual obligations, they may contact the Palmetto Region Office.

2A. Coaches relationship to Club/Region:
Palmetto Region considers club coaches as independent contractors with each club.  The region will be neutral concerning any contract or commitments between club and coach.  We discourage non-compete agreements, but is the discretion of each club to have coaches sign contracts.

3. Club Player-Parent Contracts:

Region requires that each club have a club- parent/player contract. A sample copy must be remitted to region office to be kept on file. 
Contracts between clubs and members are binding once the club, player and parent signs the contract and money is paid toward fees (not to include tryout cost).  If cash, club must provide written receipt. 

Clubs are to remit to the region their current Parent-Player contract annually by 11/15.  If grievance arises, both parties must have signed contract.  contracts must include

3.1.  (1) Relationship of club to region. Defined in Handbook #2

3.2.  (2) Playing time defined

3.3.  (3) Specific Refund amounts/percentages if a player leaves for any reason (quit, injury/sickness, suspended, team dissolved) .  Define exactly what amount is refunded based on when they leave the club. 

3.4.  (4) Define grievance procedure from club member to club

3.5 (5) If teams folds for any reason, does the club provide credit, if so, define how much and include dates. 

3.6 (6) If team finishes season prior to official end of season (final day of USAV nationals), define if you release players to participate with other clubs.

4. Club Promotion for Memberships:

It is the requirement of all clubs to use proper business etiquette when promoting their clubs for the purpose of acquiring membership for the upcoming season.  In short, you should advertise FACTS of what you offer and provide potential members. Never should you reference another club(s) in a negative context.  This will include all types of communication (written material, verbal communications, websites, emails, etc).  Promotion of clubs may begin after USAV season (after USAV Nationals) and go up to the commitment signing of a member (defined to include club fee payment and signed Parent-Player contract) with any specific club (normally late November or early Dec.)
4.1. 1st offense – $150 fine and club placed on probation.

4.2. 2nd offense (within 2 yr period of 1st violation) would be $250 fine. If a coach makes the 2nd violation, they are sanctioned from coaching for 1 season.

Junior Clubs are allowed to host camps and clinics pre and post USAV season.  Stipulations during season (after contracts have been signed) prohibit the club from using this event to “recruit” players from another club. Information or discussions of your club can not be discussed to players who are current members of another club. If it is outside of season, club promotion rules apply. Junior clubs cannot use camps or clinics as an early tryout.  Example- during camps or clinics prior to upcoming junior season, a representative of the camp cannot discuss possible future team placement or make promises to players or families. This must be only be done during sanctioned tryout dates. Camps and clinics should be open to anyone (not invitational).  Keep your promotional info in the event a question arises, you can remit to region.  You are not covered by insurance for off season, unless you remit a facility sanction request and participants are current USAV members.

5.1  Junior Player Movement between Clubs (Recruiting):

Palmetto Region prohibits any coach, player, or parent discussing movement from one club to another club during the season (from time of signing club contract after tryouts until end of USAV nationals). Parties who desire to move to another club must contact their current club director to seek a release.  The current club has the authority to decline or approve the release.
Discussions/request must be made through the club directors only, by contacting the current club director to notify them of interest in moving. This club director will contact the other club director.  Request to be released for movement to another club during the season must be done in writing via email to club directors only, and copy the region.  Have it in writing.


5.2.  Failure to adhere to above policy will result in the following fines:

5.3.  1st offense – $150 fine to club and club and placed on probation.

5.4.  2nd offense (within 2 yr period of 1st violation) would be $250 fine and if a coach makes the violation they are sanctioned from coaching for 1 season.

6. Tryout Dates for Junior Clubs

Tryout dates for ages 14 and under can start no earlier than two weeks prior to the SC HS League State Championships (Normally 1stor 2nd Saturday in November). For ages 15 and above or varsity players younger than 14, no tryouts may be held until the day of the SC HS League State Championships.

7. Member Sanction for nonpayment of Club Fees:

Clubs may request a sanction-suspension of USAV current and future membership on any member who has not paid club dues in full.  Suspension prevents player in participating with any USAV club and will remain in force until dues are paid in full to club and club sends region a release. Keep in mind, we allow them to have due process, a committee reviews this to determine if region will place sanction.  To remit, region requires the following:  Hard Deadline 8/15, you will get a response from region upon receiving.
SAVL has a reciprocating agreement.
A- Member Name
B- Parents Name
C- Email address
D- Total Fee for season, Total member paid for season, Total Outstanding
E- Need copy of Clubs email to family requesting payment
F- Provide what your fees include, any non usav event cannot be included
E. Copy of signed player -parent contract.

Player and Team Eligibility

8.1.  Player Eligibility:  Each player engaged in USA Volleyball Sanctioned Play is required to register as an athlete in the current Season in which he/she plays.  He/she must conform to the definition of an eligible athlete as stated by the International Olympic Committee and must comply with the rules and regulations of said body.  Each player must be a registered USA Volleyball member.

8.1.1  Player Eligibility for Events:
Players must be registered as current in Webpoint to play in Sanctioned Tournaments. Teams who participate with an unregistered player will have following fine:
1st Offense during season:  $50 fine per member not registered.
2nd Offense during season: $100 fine per member and club placed on probation.
3rd offense during season: Team suspended for season.

8.2. Player Age Classification:
Palmetto Region will use the USAV Junior Player Age Classification for the current season. This chart will be posted on region website each season.

8.3 Team Age / Level Classification:
A Junior Team is composed entirely of Junior Members. Team must register in the age
division of the oldest age division player, unless player waivers are granted (see #12).

We allow club directors to choose between club and power (honor system). If a team is stronger based on results:
Teams will be required to move divisions (play up in age or move from club to power)
If you win 2 events at age in club (or beat all region teams in 2 events) – required to move
If you win by a significant point spread (average more than 7 or 8 per set) – May be required to move
If you win any event and have a waivered player on your roster – May be required to move


9.1 Team Registration:
It is the responsibility of each Club to register each team in USAV Webpoint prior to participation in any sanctioned event. See USAV Webpoint Manual for instructions. The club has the ultimate responsibility to insure all policies and procedures of the PVA are adhered to by the athletes, parents, coaches and administrators of the team.

9.2. Team Name Definition: When creating team names in AES and Webpoint, important to include: (1) Club Name or abbreviation  (2) Age (3) Team Name  Eg: Carolina One could be Car1, C1, Carolina1.  EG Team:  CarOne15 Reg State   Try to restrict total team name to 20 characters.

9.3. Team Registration Fee: There is currently no team registration fee in the Palmetto Region.


10.1. Club teams are to use their eleven (11) digit code when registering teams. Example:  FJ5LOWCO1PM. Request from region your 5-digit alpha club code.

    • 1st Digit:        F= Female  M= Male
    • 2ND Digit:      J = Junior team
    • 3rd Digit:       0-8 = Age of team 0=10u, 1=11u, 2=12u, etc
    • 4th Digit:       5 Alpha Club Code – obtain from region
    • 5th – 9t h Digit: Rank of team in same age division within your Club, if you have multiple teams in the same age division, you must rank each team, 1st=1, 2nd=2, etc.
    • 10th – 11t h       PM – Palmetto Region

11. Player USAV Membership Registration:
A member must register and pay in USAV Webpoint to be a current member of the Palmetto Region to participate in any Club tryout, practice, or match. The Player, parent, or legal guardian must register the player on USAV Webpoint. A third party is not allowed to complete the registration.

11.1  USAV Membership Fees
Member fee cost will be posted on Region Website.

11.2.  Sanctioned Season:
The Sanctioned Season begins with first eligible tryout date and ends on final day of USAV National Tournament for indoor season.

11.3  Player movement between Clubs within season:
Player movement is allowed between clubs ONLY with written approval from both club directors.

12. Age Waivers: (revised 07/16)
The Region has the ability to grant age waivers for players who need to play in a younger age group for developmental purposes, or who, because of their geographical location, have limited opportunities to participate. The Age Waiver Application must be requested by the club director and sent to the Commissioner for approval.

The player must be in the lower ½ of the average team skill level to be considered. The Club or team may be sanctioned if a waivered player is found to be much stronger than the average team skill level of the team or team age level. Age waivers are only good for in-region competition. Club must seek approval of out of region play by host region. Multiple players on same team will only be considered in exceptional cases. Waivers are primarily for club level teams, power or above is not likely to be approved. Teams seeking national bids may not have a waivered player.  NOTE: AES will not accept waivered players in their roster.

If the team performs above average in tournaments, they may be required to move up in age division.

12.1 Boys playing on girls teams
Region allows the following for boys playing on a girls team or all boys teams playing against girls team. 

Boys that are 12U or younger may play in same age division as girls. 
Boys 13 or 14U USAV age division must play up two age divisions to participate with girls.  15u and above may not participate on or against girls. 

Coach Registration:

13.1. It is the club’s responsibility to attract coaches of high moral character, with knowledge of the sport, and with the ability to convey their knowledge to the athletes they train. Coaches must be of good character and emotional stability. It is imperative the club verify this information on every coach in your program.

13.2. All coaches must be current paid members of the Palmetto Region of USA Volleyball and USA Volleyball prior to the first practice or tryout. Since 2005, USA Volleyball has been protecting the children who play by requiring all adults who have any contact with players within the club to have a current background screening. These are due every two years and are automatically done via Webpoint.

Coaches are also required to have the USAV IMPACT & Safesport course certification in order to coach in a junior program. IMPACT is a clinic presented online through the National Office or classroom clinics through the region. Coaches are to contact the Region Office to determine how and when to get certified. Coaches must be IMPACT certified within the first season of coaching USAV. IMPACT clinic includes Safesport certification.

Palmetto Region coaches are responsible for the officiating requirements of their team and MUST remain courtside during their team’s officiating duties at tournaments. To comply with these requirements and properly supervise their team, it is required that Palmetto Region coaches complete the minimum requirements as both an official and a scorekeeper. These requirements extend to anybody in the role of club director or coach who are listed on the team roster. Officiating requirements are provided on the region website.

13.5. Coach Background check: It is the policy of the Palmetto Region that any individual intending to hire or use registered individuals in any sanctioned juniors’ volleyball activities will submit to a background screening policy as determined by the USAV.

Your participation as a volunteer working for the Volleyball Club is greatly appreciated. Without your support it would be very difficult for the club to provide a quality volleyball program.
As a volunteer you may be asked to assist in a variety of activities including transporting players; conducting fund raisers; being a team parent or representative; assisting in practices or at tournaments; etc.

The purpose of this document is to advise you that the activities you may be involved with could result in bodily injury to yourself or others, along with having liability while working with youth. The Club has taken every reasonable precaution to provide a safe environment for you and other members of the Club.

Once the Club registers with USA Volleyball through the Palmetto  Region, the Club is covered by a “master” insurance policy provided by USA Volleyball for all approved or sanctioned USA Volleyball activities that the Club participates in.

If you decide to be a volunteer for the Club, the region requires you become a member of USAV, which would provide you with liability and medical insurance protection. The region offers a discounted membership just for parents and volunteers at 50% discount.

The insurance policy provides $2,000,000 limits of liability protection. The Club does not provide workers’ compensation or medical coverage insurance coverage to volunteers. In addition, the Club does not provide any auto liability insurance protection to you in the event you are asked to use your automobile for the benefit of the Club. Medical insurance and auto liability insurance would be the responsibility of the volunteer. If required to transport players or club members to approved or sanctioned events, the Volunteer should fully understand that they are responsible for maintaining insurance on their automobile and for obeying all traffic laws. As a volunteer driver, you must adhere to the following:
1. Have a valid state driver’s license.
2. Maintain at least $300,000 of auto liability insurance on automobile.

14. Club Team Rosters:
Each team belonging to a PVA Volleyball Club must have in possession two (2) copies of a current USAV webpoint roster when participating in a region sanctioned tournament. One copy is to be left at scoretable. Second copy is to be provided to Region official (if on site), if not, to gym supervisor.  A Player may not be listed on more than one roster for same tournament.

FINE for no roster remitted at tournament:
1st Offense during season:  $50 fine
2nd Offense during season: $100
3rd offense: Team suspended for season.


15.1. Hosting Sanctioned Tournaments:
Clubs or officers of the Region may request to host an event. Request normally are considered by the region in May of each year. Contact region to receive the Region Tournament Host Request Policy.  Membership should understand, late changes could happen (site unavailable due to unforeseen circumstance, facility schedule change, equipment error, region not informed of safety factors, power loss, etc). The region makes ever effort to avoid this, but will not be responsible for late changes requiring a change of venue, loss of venue or cancellation of event.  

15.2 Tournament registration:
Palmetto Region has central registration through Advanced Event Systems (AES). All region tournament entries must register through this venue. See region website for details on how to register and rules to follow. Acceptance into specific tournaments is based on paid entries on a first come, first serve basis. Entries received on the same day will be based on entry date-time.

15.3. Tournament Dates: Junior region tournament dates will be listed on our website by late summer or early fall.

15.4. Tournament Team Seeding for Regional Tournaments:

Teams will be seeded in regional tournaments based on current region ranking/seeding program.  Seeding/ranking is not an exact science, a region developed system is used to best estimate strength of a team. If no seeding information is available, host or region will place teams based on best information available at time. See website for explanation and ranking information. Power equivalent level teams must play up 2 age levels if participate in a club event. Region reserves the right to determine player skill level based on past results.

15.5. Tournament Fees:
Fees will be set by Region for single day and multi day tournaments.  See region website for event cost.

15.6. Gate Fees:
Single day tournament gate fes will be $5 for adults, children 18 and under are free. Gate fees for multi-day tournaments vary; contact host.

15.7.  Award Prizes for Junior Tournaments
Tournament Hosts are required to supply the following minimum prizes:  Tshirts for 1st place in Gold Divisions and medals for all others.
For a tournament consisting of a single division, 1st place in that division (Gold)only. For tournaments consisting of more than one division, 1st and 2nd in Gold Divisions and

1st in all other divisions. Contact Region for recommended quantity of awards to
order per team.

Protests arising with respect to eligibility for a specific Tournament, interpretations of the playing rules or decisions of the officials must be handled by the “Tournament Committee” assigned by the Tournament Coordinator and must be in accordance with current USA Volleyball rules.

Protests other than those above involving USA Volleyball should be directed to the Regional Commissioner.

In relation to “No Tolerance Policy” : If a coach, parent, or set of parents are found to violate this policy the result should be. It should be noted, there is NO excuse or reason that justifies this behavior to an official or working team.
1- the serving gym supervisor should request the person(s) leave the gym immediately and gather first hand statements that witnessed the behavior.
2- region has the right to refer this to a committee to review the incident. FIRST OFFENSE: If person(s) are found to have violated this rule, the club is fined $100 and a letter of apology must be written to teams involved.  SECOND OFFENSE coming from same team can be sanction from future events.

17. Uniform Rules: 
During Sanctioned play all teams must abide by the USAV uniform regulations as set forth in the rule book each year.

17.1 Player Uniform Waiver 
The DCR (Domestic Competition Regulations- Rule book) says “the color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform…” which indicates shorts over spandex would not be allowable. However, for play within the Palmetto Region, the Commissioner can grant exceptions to players who, for religious or modesty reasons, wish to cover up. Just forward the name of the player and team to the region office and you will be provided an e-mail that can be carried by the player to events (valid only with the Palmetto Region) to answer any questions that arise. The shorts will need to be the same color as the team’s spandex. For play outside the Palmetto Region, the tournament director should be advised in advance to determine if her attire will be allowed. National Qualifiers will not permit this exception, so teams wishing to participate may want to adopt an alternate uniform for this event. This is a decision for each club and team and the Palmetto Region will not interfere in this democratic process.

18. Officiating Responsibilities: 
It is the responsibility of the club/team to train and teach their membership to met minimum officiating duties/team requirements set forth by Palmetto Region.  Teams must have passed minimum requirement prior to participation in any sanctioned tournament.  See Region website for current requirements and certification process.

19. Team Age Division- Level Movement:
Any team which wins two (2) region Sanctioned Club Tournaments in their age division (or higher) may be moved up to a higher division or age group, should a spot be available. Club Directors may request a team be considered to move down if this team is in the lowest 10% of the current ranking file. Approval will be determined by region, if spots are available.

19.1- 12u Region Rules
The region takes the position for 12u and younger ages to “play to learn” not to fail.  For regular 12u and younger tournaments, they are allowed to step in 3′  if they have difficulty in successfully serving across the net.  We certainly do not want a 12u jump server taking advantage of the step in.  For our Kids Power events, we have modified rules.

Limit 3 serve rule: If 3 consecutive serves- we side out with no point award.  Prevents the ace server from running off 25 points. Server has only two attempts at serviing
Serve From Rule: Players are allowed to move in on the court in order to make a successful serve.  Up to 10′ line.  Do not abuse this.
No Scorekeeper needed, we will just use a flip chart. We REQUIRE you have a parent/adult do this.  Prefer an adult for lines   Use Scorereport forms after matches
Unlimited Sub: Players may come in and out as desired.
Relaxed Rules: We will relax rules and calls to encourage play.  COACH IS UP REF ONLY – no kids


Details of rules and requirements for the Regional Championships will be posted on the Region Website.

Future dates:  2017- April 7-9th    2018- April 6-8th   2019- March 29-31st

20.1. Team Eligibility
In order for a team to be eligible to participate in the Regional Championships Tournament, a team must have participated in at least two Sanctioned Tournaments within the Region.  The two events must have been completed  prior to two weeks before the regional tournament, in order to establish  seeding information.

20.2. Tournament format
shall be decided by Commissioner and administered by tournament director. Rules, Format, and Specific information on the tournament will be provided on region website prior to the event annually.

20.3. Ghost Players / Roster Change
In the event that injuries/sickness to players within 14 days of the Regional Championships reduce a team to less than Six (6) players, players from within a Club may be moved to a higher team rank if approved by the Commissioner. One player cannot play on more than one team during the championships.  The region may allow 5 players and ghost player to participate in championships, but may not be able to advance to Gold Division.


21.1. Players and organizations desiring to participate in USA Volleyball Sanctioned   Tournaments must support the purposes and policies of the USA Volleyball as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Operating Code. In addition such players and organizations must meet the requirements for competition promulgated by the USA Volleyball committee on player and team eligibility.

21.2. In order to be eligible for Sanctioned regional play, teams and players must be properly registered with the Region.

21.3. No team will register unless the team roster contains the names and required information for at least six (6) players. The Region will allow the use of a ghost player in the event a team has only six (6) players due to injury, schedule conflict or sickness problem with a player and the team is down to five (5) players. Team may start with 5 and participate in playoffs.

21.5. No teams or individuals will be registered until all fees and fines due from current or past seasons have been received by the region.

21.6. There is no restriction on the number or times players registered with a Club may participate with another team from the same club having a equal or higher age or division classification than the one to which registered initially for the Palmetto Region. A player may not participate on more than one team during the same event, during the same tournament weekend.

21.7. All eligibility matters, to include violations of eligibility, will be submitted through the Commissioner to the Eligibility Committee for investigation and recommendation of appropriate disciplinary action. Commissioner will choose up to 3 region members to serve on the Eligibility Committee.

21.8. All eligibility matters of any nature or request and/or suggestions of disciplinary action for teams or individual action received by the Commissioner will be referred to the Eligibility Committee for consideration and recommendations. Recommendations made by the Committee will be taken as final unless evidence can be submitted to verify that the action is either too severe or is unfair.


Annual membership dues in the Palmetto Volleyball Association shall be published on the region website and/or USAV Webpoint. Amounts are based on membership types. Registration can take place after Sept 1st for upcoming season. Junior members should register but not pay, the club will pay their fees. Clubs need to contact region on method and how to remit payment. Paid Memberships will remain current until August 31st.


23.1. Sport Accident Insurance Summary
USA Volleyball Secondary Sport Accident – Summary of Coverage for Domestic Team Participants Competing in Sanctioned USA Volleyball Events. Check region website for information.

23.2. Medical Insurance Claim Form 
This form can be completed after the extent of the injury and medical care has been determined–this is to be submitted directly by the athlete’s family after the medical bills begin to arrive. American Specialty will give the family more details when the insurance claim process has begun. Check region website for form or contact region.

23.3. Incident Report Form 
If an injury occurs to a player, spectator, parent, official, volunteer or coach, this document is required to be fully completed and submitted as quickly as possible to Region office. This form records the specifics of the injury, and the names of witnesses to the injury. With increasing deductibles for health insurance, many on-court injuries requiring surgery and rehabilitation end up costing the athlete’s family in excess of $1,000 out-of-pocket expenses. If you have an uninsured athlete, this is a very critical document. If this form is not completed & submitted in a timely manner, possible coverage may be lost. Tournament directors and their individual site directors should keep these on-site at all events. Club directors should require ALL of their coaching staff to carry blank Incident Reports to all events, including practices & tournaments. Do not assume that “somebody else” will have the form and see it completed & submitted quickly. Each currently registered Palmetto  Region USA Volleyball member is provided insurance. In the world of lawsuits and high cost of medical care it is extremely important that we have the proper coverage for our events. USA Volleyball administers a medical and liability insurance program customized specifically for the sport of volleyball. Form can be found on website.

24. Facility Certificate of Insurance Request
This insurance covers your sanctioned use of facilities–gyms, buildings, etc. Some building owners want a specific insurance policy naming their building and your organization before they will allow you to rent their building. For more information, click here (must be logged in to club director account to access).

25. Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance for Clubs is available for purchase through the region. This is a separate policy from the general liability coverage policy provided through USA Volleyball membership. Contact Region for more info and cost.

27. Due Process for Palmetto Region


The Region will have an official document with current rules/requirements.  Should that document and statements listed below differ, the official document will take precedence. 

27.1. Purpose:
To maintain and encourage appropriate behavior by its members, the Palmetto Region, Inc. (PM) will deal with violations of Rules, its Code of Conduct, and/or Ethics through a disciplinary process described herein. To address complaints or allegations and streamline the associated response time, the PM Board of Directors has adopted the following procedures.

27.2. Definition:
The concept of Due Process involves the right of the accused to reasonable notice and a hearing, at which he/she is permitted to present his/her side of the story and defend the charges.

27.3. Due Process Committee:
The Due Process Committee will be an ad-hoc committee consisting of commissioner and up to three (3) club directors assigned by the commissioner. The commissioner will designate one of the committee members to be the Due Process Committee Chair or may serve as chair. If it is an issue including another organization, we will have up to 5 committee members, 2 from each organization and 1 assigned by organization leadership.

27.4. Scope of Application Time:
The disciplinary policy and procedures for PM shall apply throughout the season (1 September through 31 August).

27.5. Subjects: The disciplinary policy and procedures for PM shall apply to all registered members and organizations.

28. Due Process Steps and Procedures

28.1. Notification:
Violations of Rules, Code of Conduct, and/or Ethics will be first brought to the attention of the PM Commissioner. Within seven (7) days, the Commissioner shall send written acknowledgement of the notification to the accuser and accused.

28.2. Fact-Finding: 
Within ten (10) days of acknowledgement of the notification, the committee shall use reasonable efforts to gather pertinent facts from involved parties and witnesses. They may use various means (e.g., telephone, personal interview, email) to gather this information in a fair and expeditious manner. Following investigation of the alleged violations, the committee shall determine whether a violation occurred and the severity of the violation. If the Committee determines that no violation occurred, the principal parties will be so notified in writing. During fact finding period, the member in question may continue participation, unless otherwise notified by organization leadership.

If the Committee determines that a violation has occurred, the sanction can be applied immediately or within ninety (90) days of acknowledgement of the notification, the Committee shall determine the appropriate sanction, and will inform the violator, via registered, certified mail or email, of the imposed sanction. Additionally, the Commissioner shall notify the Leadership of all organizations involved and the accuser of his/her decision. These sanctions may include but are not limited to:

a) Reprimand: written or verbal statement to the offending participant(s).
b) Probation: conditions imposed whereby no sanctions will be levied, unless warranted by further misconduct.
c) Suspension: a designated period of time in which participant(s) will be prohibited from any involvement with any volleyball-associated business within the region.
d) Expulsion: the act of expelling an individual or group from the Palmetto Region for life.
e) Region Hold: If unpaid fees are involved, player may be placed on region hold and not allowed to participate in any events until resolved.

28.5. Appeal Procedures:
Any registered member or organization, having been assessed a sanction, will have the right to appeal any decision(s) and/or degree of sanction(s) imposed by the Committee, to the Board of Directors. Sanctions will be in force during the appeals process.

28.6. Time of Appeal:
When sanctions are imposed, the Commissioner will also inform the accused that they have, from date of notice, fifteen (15) days to appeal the sanction to the Board of Directors. The appeal must be in writing and sent to the Commissioner and to the BOD Chair Person via registered or certified mail. Failure on the part of the alleged violator(s) to appeal within the fifteen (15) days will make any appeal null and void.

28.7. Appeal Decision:
It is the right of the alleged violator(s) to provide rebuttal evidence related to the allegations. The Commissioner shall forward to the BOD all pertinent information gathered during the fact-finding phase. When the BOD receives the necessary facts and correspondence, the BOD will make a decision within 7 days.  The decision is final with no further appeal. 

  • 30.1.1. If the alleged violator has presented evidence that convinces the BOD that no violation occurred, the BOD may dismiss the accusation in full.
    • 30.1.4. The BOD may confirm and support the sanctions of the Commissioner and Due Process Committee.
    • 30.1.3. The BOD may mandate alternative sanctions.
    • 30.1.2. The BOD may reduce any sanction imposed or change any part thereof.

30.2. The BOD will inform the principal parties and the Commissioner of its decision within seven (7) days in writing by registered or email. 

The Palmetto Region Volleyball Association is committed to maintaining an athletic environment that is free from sexual harassment and/or unwanted sexual attention. Harassment can occur between any combination of members of the volleyball community coaches, players, parents and organizers.
It generally occurs when one person, the harasser, holds a position of real or perceived authority over another individual. Sexual Harassment may involve: Ø

      • Suggestive comments about physical appearance Ø
      • Leering or staring Ø
      • Use or display of sexual material not legitimately connected to coaching volleyball
      • Sexual teasing
      • Jokes with sexual themes
      • Unwanted physical contact
      • Promises or rewards in return for sexual favors
      • Sexual assault

Palmetto Region volleyball members may not engage in sexual harassment of another Palmetto Region member, unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances, request for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as sexual jokes, gestures, graffiti, posters, writings, touching or other physical contact may constitute sexual harassment when:

Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for participation, team selection or decisions affecting such individual. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s opportunity to participate in volleyball events alternatively, creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Members encountering behavior perceived as harassment may seek to resolve the matter in direct conversation with the individual understood to have engaged in the harassment.


      • Subscription to Volleyball USA, our quarterly magazine, for all qualifying registrants
      • Membership to the Volleyball Governing Body
      • Electronic, bi-monthly newsletter “Rotations” for all registrants
      • Opportunity to play in USA Volleyball sanctioned competitions open only to USA Volleyball members.
      • Ability to qualify for USA Junior National Championships and the USA Open Volleyball Championships.
      • Eligibility to tryout and participate in USA Volleyball National volleyball camps.
      • Secondary Sports Accident for those with primary insurance and Primary Sports Accident insurance (with $1,000 deductible) for those registrants without health insurance during USAV/Palmetto Region sanctioned events.
      • General Liability insurance – covering all USAV/Palmetto Region sanctioned activities Sept. 1-Aug. 31 cycle.
      • Discounted USAV Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) Training and Courses.
      • Opportunity to coach and officiate in Junior Volleyball and Adult competitions
      • Full time commissioner to assist you with administration, questions and concerns.
      • Dedicated Board of Directors overseeing the operation of Region
      • Paid CPA that handles region finances
      • Paid staff to handle website, team rankings, official training and tracking.
      • Central Tournament Registration and staff to answer questions.
      • Offers regional championships at deep discount, coaches/director gifts, and potential to participate in region hotel rebate program.

34. Region Stipend Positions

The region has the below listed positions and duty outlines, each are paid by stipends determined by the CEO and approved by the BOD. Positions are created in order to provide additional and quality services to region membership and clubs.

To provide financial reports to the region and CEO based on need. Write checks, make limited deposits, balance all accounts on monthly basis and provide reporting to CEO, follow region safety guidelines, Preparation of annual 990 Long Form, W-2s, 1099s, quarterly tax returns and miscellaneous other task requested by BOD or CEO.

Financial Reviewer
Primary responsibility is to review financial reports and bank records monthly for any discrepancies. Completes a monthly report verifying the review of specific areas. Provides consideration for any region expenses over $500.

Web Master
Responsible for overall website design and upkeep. Post information sent by committee heads or CEO.

Ranking Coordinator
Responsible for receiving the results of all tournaments and creating ranking by age division. Providing seeding of teams prior to region tournaments.  Answering questions from region membership concerning ranking/seeding.

35. Remitting Concerns or Complaints to region for assistance or consideration

The region is always available to hear concerns or complaints. We require  these be remitted in writing.  When remitting, region needs first-hand knowledge, not hear-say. If person remitting doesn’t have first-hand knowledge, obtain a statement from the person who has that knowledge.