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Registration FAQ

PLEASE READ before emailing or calling the region. 

Click Here for a  web page that will provide a step by step instruction on how to create your account and purchase a membership.  

If you have other questions, see below or email our staff person at 

FAQ about Memberships

1) My daughter isn't U11 or U8 where is the membership for other age groups?

The tryout membership is for all ages, for players who intend to tryout for any travel/club team.

2) It's saying that a parent must purchase the membership?

It sounds like you may have set up the SportsEngine account in your daughter's name instead of your own name. Below is some info on how to edit the profile, so it is set up in your name. Once it's set up in your name, you will be able to follow the registration link (which will prompt you to add your daughter to your profile). 

How to Update Profile Information

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your user dashboard.
  2. Click on the profile that you want to update.
  3. To the right of Profile Information, click the Pencil Icon to edit. 
  4. In the relevant field(s), input, or change all of your updated information.
  5. Scroll down and click Save.
    • NOTE: Messages from teams or groups are sent to both the registered athlete's profile email address and the account owner's primary email address.

What is the Difference Between an Account Owner Profile and a Player Sub Profile?

An "account owner profile" and a "player sub profile" are both profiles of the Household.  So what's the difference?

An account owner profile is the profile for the owner of the household.  This profile should never be tied to registration and/or the roster unless the account owner is also an athlete/coach.  The account owner profile will have a login to the account, have full access to edit the account, and can manage other sub-profiles on the account.

  • "Guardians" cannot be added to an account owner profile.  However, an account owner profile can be a Guardian of a player profile.

The account owner profile is signified by the banner that reads "Me."

A player profile is an account sub-profile for an athlete and should be tied to a registration and/or the roster. A player profile will not have a login to the account and will only be created during registration or when added to a roster.  

  • Guardians can be added to a player profile.

The player profiles are highlighted below.

3) I only got charged $10 instead of $15 for the tryout membership?

You should see two transactions on your card. One for Palmetto Region for $10 and one for USAV for $5.

4) How do I add my club choice to my account?

The club you sign with will send an email invite to associate with their club.

5) Where do I register for the $15 tryout membership?

You can find the registration links on the Region website at The links are under the section that looks like this

Select "Click Here" next to the membership type you want to purchase and it will allow you to login to your existing SportsEngine account or create an account if you don't yet have one.

6) How do I print my membership card?

7) When can I complete SafeSport?

It is available as soon as a membership is purchased. 

  • Login at
  • On the left-hand side of the page, click the Household tab.
  • Select the user profile that will be completing their SafeSport certification.
  • On the right side of the page, under the membership, click View Details. 
  • Click on the name of the membership.
  • Next to SafeSport Certification, click Complete Certification/Training.
    • NOTE: SafeSport certification button will read based upon the actual credential needed (ex. Complete Core Training)