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Junior Membership

If you are NEW to club volleyball, read below before continuing

Club Volleyball can be confusing at times. We highly recommend you educate yourself before you start. 

In short, you must complete the below steps to participate in the Palmetto Region juniors program,

  1. Register and participate in club tryouts.  You will register for the club tryouts on their website.  See club directory for their website link(s).
  2. Purchase a tryout membership.  
    • If you do not have a SportsEngine account, when you go through the steps to purchase a tryout membership you create an account.
    • If your child participated last season, you will simply log into your account.  If you can't remember the password, you can reset it using the 'forgot password' link.
    • Make sure not to use a work email account.  Suggest creating a gmail, yahoo or other email account specific to everything volleyball.  
  3. If you receive an offer from one or more clubs, you will receive an email where you have an opportunity to upgrade your child's membership for the season.
  4. Before attending tryouts, make sure to capture your child's tryout membership. 

2- Clubs are independent from Palmetto Region and you must also contact the club your are interested in joining.  That club will normally request information from you and probably need you to pay a tryout fee.  The club director will be able to assist with questions. 

3- We recommend you read the region info on Tryouts. This will help you understand what questions to ask your club(s) of interest. 


USA Volleyball and Palmetto Region use the registration program through SportsEngine.


  1. When creating a new SportsEngine account, the primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian.
  2. When you purchase the tryout membership, it is critical you choose to purchase the membership "for your child" and not yourself.
  3. Use a non-work email address when setting up your SportsEngine account. Many use Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to create a specific email account for everything volleyball.
  4. If you had a SportsEngine account in the past, please use the same account. Creating a new account will cause duplicate entry in the system and additional work.
  5. If parent or child had a USAV membership in the past, make sure you use the same name as your membership.
  6. If spouse desires a SportsEngine account, they will need to create one separately and it would be used for information only. Only one parent/guardian can be used to manage a child's account.

Don't have a SportsEngine Account?

If you are new to SportsEngine, when you purchase a membership you will create a new account at that time.  You don't have to create an account ahead of time.  

Purchasing Tryout Membership

All players trying out for a travel/club team will need to initially purchase a $15 tryout membership for the 2023-24 season. Even if you know the club/team you are joining, you will still need to purchase the tryout membership first and then upgrade to a full membership later.

Initially you will purchase a "Tryout" membership for your child to participate in club tryouts. 


To purchase a 12U-18U tryout membership, Click here.


Players who are 11U and younger will have an option to purchase a Limited Full Membership. 9-11U can buy a $20 membership and 8 and under can obtain a free membership. Both of these are limited and will not be able to participate in a national tournament or High Performance program. Talk to your club if you don't know if you qualify for this type of membership. MAKE SURE TO ALSO CHECK THE AGE CHART BELOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU FALL IN THE 8U-11U AGE GROUPS.

Click here for USAV Age Division Chart

Trying out for multiple clubs

If you/your child is planning to try out for multiple clubs, you must fill out the required form below. This form does NOT register you with a specific club, you need to also contact the club to register with them.

After you/your child commits to a club, you are required to email the other clubs within 1 hour and notify them of your decision.

If you are trying out for an out-of-region club, provide the name of the club. 

Upgrading Tryout Membership

AFTER tryouts, if a club makes you a team offer, you will receive two emails:

  1. An invitation to join a club (you may receive more than one of these, from multiple clubs) and
  2. A club assignment request from the club director. You must accept this request in order to affiliate yourself with that club. Do not accept the club assignment request if not playing with that club for this season. Accepting a club assignment request is equivalent to a virtual handshake or contract signing. 

Click here for an explanation of the differences between the email invitation and assignment request.

To accept the club assignment, you will need to log into your SportsEngine account. There you will accept the club assignment and then walk through the steps to upgrade from "tryout" to "full" membership. The cost to upgrade is $40.

NOTE CHECKOUT: This is different than in the past.

When you get to the checkout page, you will see two "transactions" that equal the total membership price. One transaction represents the fees going to the Palmetto Region and the other represents the fees going to USAV.

Printing out Membership Card

Watch this video explaining how to print out membership card. Click here.

If you have any questions, go to our Register FAQ page. This page also has contact information so you can reach out to a member of the Region Office staff.

Parent Memberships - Gate Fees

Parents who hold a USAV membership may get into USAV Palmetto Region tournaments at no cost. At tournament, you must have a copy or picture of your membership card AND a photo ID-drivers license.

In order to qualify, parents must have taken SafeSport clinic and be added to your official team roster. Takes approval from your club director. Note there is a limit of 5 adult members per roster (including coaches).

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or run into issues, be sure to check out the Registration FAQ page before reaching out to one of the contact emails below.

Click here for Registration FAQ page.


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