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“One of the best methods to increase your game/skills is to play outdoor volleyball! Some athletes could double their skills in one season of play. This is one of the lowest cost options to increase skills out of season!” – John Kessel, USA Volleyball Director of Sports Development

How Do I Get Started?

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Join the Outdoor Program. Outdoor registration fee is $15 per player. An outdoor program membership provides you with a summer-long pass to participate in as many events as you want. Club membership is not required to participate in outdoor tournaments. If you want additional training, some clubs do offer outdoor clinics and camps.

2. Form a Team. Most tournaments are triples, but you can always play as a doubles team, so you only need to find a friend or two to make a team. You can play with the same or different teammates all summer.

3. Look at the Schedule and Register for Tournaments. Play in as few or as many tournaments as you want to! Tournament entry fees are $45 per team, or $60 per team if you register at the event. Then go have fun in the sun!

Outdoor Rules & Information

Divisions Offered

Tournaments will be offered in the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U Club and Power age divisions. Tournament hosts will attempt to host boys divisions in the same age groups, but in the event there are not enough boys teams, they will be allowed to play in the girls division.

Hosts reserve the right to combine age divisions depending on the number of teams registered in each.



Most tournaments are played with teams of 3 (12U can have 4 players) but any team can play with doubles. You play in the age division of the oldest team member. View the 2015-16 USAV Age Divisions. Teams can be co-ed, but boys 14-16 must play an age group up. For example, two girls 14U or younger and one 14U boy would need to play in the 16U age division. Any 12U players can play in the same age division.


One of the benefits of outdoor volleyball is that there are no formal coaches. During tournaments, parents and coaches are not permitted on the playing surface at any time. One warning will be given and if not heeded, the player(s) associated with the parent and/or coach will be removed from the tournament and could face expulsion from the program.

What to Bring

Here’s a quick list of items to bring to an event:

  • Beach wear – shorts, t-shirts, swimsuit, etc. Whatever you are comfortable in!
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor, socks (the sand can get hot!)
  • Your outdoor volleyball (if you have one) for warmups
  • Towel or blanket for breaks
  • A LOT of drinks & some snacks
  • A great attitude!

USAV Code of Conduct

All players, parents, and coaches will be held to the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct. Violations of any USAV rules will result in the appropriate sanctions. Alcohol consumption is not permitted at USA Volleyball events.

Need More Info?

View our Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Volleyball for more information.


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