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Outdoor FAQ

Want to Host an Event?

Is your club/school interested in hosting a sand or grass event? Awesome! Let us know and we’ll help you advertise it! If you have sand courts or a soccer or football grass field, it will work perfectly for an outdoor volleyball event. All you need are adjustable outdoor volleyball net systems and lines and you’re all set! Our region has some outdoor net systems and lines that we rent out, so if you’re interested in hosting a tournament, let us know and we will help you. Contact us for more information.

Why Play Outdoors?

According to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), “Sand volleyball, when trained appropriately, will help indoor athletes improve basic ball control, fitness level, decision making, and shot selection.” It is now recognized as an NCAA sport and it is anticipated that there will be more opportunities for scholarships for young ladies in the future. Most importantly, it is FUN!

Are Outdoor Rules Different From Indoor Rules?

Yes, slightly. For example, in outdoor volleyball, you are not allowed to open-hand tip over the net. Also, if the ball touches the block, that counts as your first team contact (you will have 2 remaining contacts to get the ball back over the net). Take a look at the full outdoor volleyball rules before your first tournament!

Do You Need Uniforms or Coaches?

No set uniforms are required to participate and coaches are not necessary. Should you have a coach, they may speak to their players only during time outs and between sets. Coaches must be a Palmetto Region Adult Member with a current background check.

What Age Division or Level Do I Sign Up For?

Teams must register in the age division of the oldest player on the team. Some age divisions may be combined to create a better tournament format. Age definitions are the same as those used during the indoor club season. Players who competed in power level events during the indoor season should sign up for power level in the outdoor season. If you are a new member, we suggest signing up for club level for your first tournament – you can always move up to power for tournaments later in the season.

Do You Need to Be a Member of the Palmetto Region to Participate in These Events?

Yes, see the Outdoor Registration information.

How Do You Register and Pay for an Event?

See our Outdoor Registration page for more information. Make sure to register at least 4 days before the event. If you register inside 4 days or on the day of the event, you will pay a higher registration fee. $15 per player per event for early registration, $20 per player within 4 days or at the event.

Are Late Registrations Accepted?

Yes, walk up registrations are accepted, the tournament fee will be an additional $5/player. If you wait to register at the event, you may be turned away if there are no spots available in your age group.

Can We Play with More People?

12U teams are allowed up to 4 players. All other age groups typically play with 3 players. If you have an extra player and you want to rotate them in, that is fine. We prefer you limit it to only one extra player.

Are Refunds Available?

Refunds are available if you make a request by EMAIL at least 4 DAYS prior to the event. You may also request to transfer your registration fee to another tournament, if space is available. Again, this request must be made at least 4 days prior to the event.

Who Officiates At the Tournaments?

Teams within your pool or bracket will officiate. You do not need to be certified to officiate, but it is recommended that you know the basic outdoor rules. Ask the tournament director if you are unsure.

How Do I Know If I’m Accepted Into a Tournament?

Pre-registered teams will receive an email notification the Thursday prior to the event confirming registration. Confirmation will include the day of the event, check in times, directions, and other pertinent information.

Where Do I Find Results?

Teams entered and results will be posted at

What About the Weather?

Play will continue through most weather (wind, rain, etc.) except for lightening and hail. Determination of any cancellations due to weather issues will be left to the tournament director on site.