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2022-23 PVA Tryout Policy

Tryout FAQ

Updated June 2022

When can clubs hold tryouts?  
Anytime after USAV Nationals, which are normally 1st week in July. 

Does PVA have any rules or restrictions concerning tryouts?
In short, no.  We encourage clubs to work with each other fairly. 

Can you practice or hold clinics during  the school competition season?
Palmetto Region will not sanction any activity during the school competition season therefore you would not be covered by insurance from USAV.  We prefer you consider school competition season a dead period for respect to the school programs. 

When can fees be collected or contracts signed?  
This is up to the individual clubs.  

How or can transfers take place? 
That is up to the clubs.  The region recommends all clubs consider releasing players who request for what ever the reason.  Hopefully there will not be that many.  


Junior Tryout & Commitment Date Policy

  • Tryouts for Girls’ and Boys’ junior athletes for the next USAV season may take place at any time after the completion of the prior season’s USAV Girls’ Junior National Championships (GJNC).

  • Athletes may try out for as many clubs as they desire. The online Multi-Club Tryout form must be filled out before tryouts begin.

  • All athletes must purchase a “try-out membership” before participating in tryouts for any USAV member clubs.

  • Athletes may officially commit to a USAV club in SportsEngine (the USAV member management system) beginning on November 1. This commitment will be the only officially recognized commitment by the Palmetto Region. 

  • Players may only affiliate with one club during the USAV indoor club season. Once you affiliate with a club in SportsEngine  you should honor that commitment through the completion of the USAV Girls' Junior National Championships, unless released by the club director.
  • Requests for transfers to another USAV club will be handled by the Palmetto Region Club Transfer Policy. 
  • All personal business/legal commitments made between the club and a player’s family will remain the responsibility of the related parties. The Palmetto Region will not be responsible for enforcing private agreements. The Region encourages individual clubs to communicate and collaborate with other local clubs on unpaid member fees.

The Palmetto Region affirms the importance of the high school volleyball season. Additionally, the Region offers and endorses the following resources for parents and clubs to assist in navigating the club tryout process. Families are encouraged to support clubs that enact policies and procedures in line with these ideals. PVA will designate clubs that publicly and formally commit to upholding the requirements of these documents:


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