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Outdoor Tournament Schedule

2024 Outdoor Tournaments

Check out the dates NOW and make your plans to attend as many as possible.  

Outdoor Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outdoor/Beach Program?
We are so excited to be promoting and supporting Juniors Outdoor volleyball in the PVA region!. Anyone can play!  All you need is a friend (or 2), a ball and some sunscreen. Check the master schedule for each tournament's format, registration process, date and tournament details. There are many different formats. Some tournaments are juniors only, Some are combined with adults. Some grass, some beach. Some doubles, triples, quads. There is something for everyone! There is no age limit on the younger divisions either. 

This season, almost all of our events are going to be sponsored by AVP America. What this means is that all participants will need to get an AVP America membership. This is only $35 annually and will cover you for all the events over the spring/summer. This will also allow you to accrue points throughout the season and help with seeding. To get registered with AVP America, please use this link:

If you are interested in getting the newest ball, the one that is used in most tournaments, here is the link. It is the Wilson OPTX.

The other ball of choice is the Mikasa King of the Beach

We highly recommend that you get a ball if you plan to play a good bit this summer. PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR BALL!!!

Tournament hosts do not provide balls.

Pick the location and date of a tournament you want to play, register and go have fun! The only cost is the entry fee to the tournament. There may be advantages to playing through a club, they will have organized practices and would arrange partners and assist in your entries. But it's completely fine to just get a friend and go play! It is also fine to pick a partner that may be from another club. Also you DO NOT have to be a USAV member or have participated in the indoor season in order to play outdoor.

How many teammates do I need to play?
Most outdoor tournaments are either doubles or triples. Some are 4's for the lower age divisions. Each tournament will have their format listed on their tournament page.

How do I get registered to play in a tournament?
Go to the PVA site ( and click on the outdoor tab. The entire schedule will be listed along with links to each tournament. Use the link to go to the tournament page and click “register”. It should be self explanatory from there.

What if I want to play and I don't have anyone to play with?
We will be creating a database for people looking for partners. We will be creating a link for you to enter your information (including where you live, your level of play and what tournaments you are looking to play in). We will help you from there to get you a teammate so that you will be able to play!

Will these tournaments will be just for juniors?
Some of the tournaments will be for juniors only but most are mixed with adults. Most tournaments started as adult tournaments and have since added juniors. So be sure to bring any adult you know that might want to play as well!! There are adult divisions for every skill level (AA – highest, B – lowest)

What can I expect at an outdoor tournament?
The most important thing you can expect is FUN! There no coaches, no loud whistles, no crowded courts. Just you, your teammates and playing the game you love! Some tournaments are small and some are huge.  Most tournaments have music and food for sale as well. Outdoor tournaments are much more relaxed than what we are all used to at the indoor tournaments.

What should I bring to an outdoor tournament?
Most important thing: SUNSCREEN! Always wear sunscreen as you will be surprised how quickly you can burn when sweating out in the sun. Some other must haves are a towel, sports chair, bug spray, extra t-shirts, shorts (in case it rains...oh yea, we play in the rain!), extra socks, a good pair of athletic shoes (unless you prefer to play barefoot), umbrella for reffing in the sun, hoodie/sweatshirt for the cooler weather as the evening comes, a large water bottle, deodorant, a little bit of cash for anything they might be selling on sight.

What do most tournaments do for bad weather?
Most tournaments will play in the rain. They will not, however, play in lightening. Each tournament handles the weather differently and most of them have a weather policy in place on their tournament page. If there is not one listed, you can contact the host. All of the hosts have different weather-related refund policies as well. For the most part, you are not going to get your money refunded if it is only raining. Check with individual host.


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