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High Performance Program

How do you stack up with the best of the best

Palmetto Region uses Team Genius evaluation program- one of the best in the nation.  

Get a report on how you ranked compared to others within your age group.  

HP ages are from 12u-17u

Registration now open for 2024

TRYOUT #2 Mar 1 will close Registration on 2/27/24 at 6pm

For ages 12u-17u.  Players under 12s can participate in 12u division

The Registration "High Performance Program" is not currently available.

2024 Tryout Dates and Camp Date

2024 dates and information

The two tryout dates currently are: 

Friday 6pm mar 1, 2024 at Rock Hill Sports Center

Arrive between 5-5:45pm.  Questions can be sent to 

NEW for 2024, Club Directors will be able to nominate players to be considered for the 2024 HP Camp.  Cost of camp is $125.  This is an invitational camp with college coaches as group coaches. 

CHANGE:  HP Camp is scheduled for Friday June 28th at Rock Hill Sports center . It will be a 1 day camp

HP Program Details

AGES:  We accept ages 12 and younger up to 17u

GOAL:  Helping the Best to get Better! 

MISSION: To identify and promote participation in a quality program that provides a positive and safe athletic environment through a variety of developmental and competitive opportunities for junior players of all ages. To build in our Region a sustainable pipeline  for the advancement of our Region athletes. Through this training life lessons are learned and a love for the game is fostered.

VISION: To develop junior players of all ages across our Region and influence a young generation of leaders through the sport of volleyball as we strive to place every athlete in a university, college and/or national team program that allows them to reach their full potential.

HP BACKGROUND: Region High Performance Programs are the regional branches of USA Volleyball’s National HP Program. Region HP Programs are operated by the USAV Region that sponsors the program in order to provide junior athletes with high-level training and skill development with some of the top coaches from the Southeast region.  Our goal is to have primarily college coaches, with no club affliation.   

Many regions also send teams to USA Volleyball’s High Performance Championships, providing more athletes with the opportunity to compete in the highest level junior tournament available in the United States and the only international tournament sponsored by USA Volleyball. Palmetto may do this in the future, for now, we are focusing on training and improving skill levels of the top players from 12u-17u.  Athletes may only try out and play in their own age group – there is no “playing up.”


PALMETTO REGION MISSION: To expand volleyball opportunities for athletes to compete at a higher level and to provide an opportunity to showcase our athletes as the future collegiate and national team prospects.

The Palmetto Region HP Committee is committed to offering our junior players an opportunity to get involved with the USA Volleyball High Performance Program. 

  • Offers tryout dates that any athlete may apply to attend for an opportunity to be invited to the Palmetto HP Camp, to be held in June annually.  
  • Tryouts will be well structured, run by highly qualified coaches, with the goal to be primarily college coaches.  Tryouts will be evaluated by using a state of the art software program, Team Genius to provide scores and rankings on each player.  Parents will receive a report of their player, so you know how they compare within their age group. 
  • Age groups will be individual age groups, provided we have sufficient numbers. 

You must tryout within your age group.  You may attend more than one tryout, if you feel you didn’t do well in previous one. Region reserves the right to limit entries to each tryout based on capacity limits.

  • After all tryouts are complete, the HP committee will choose 20 players from each of the three age groups to be invited to the HP camp.  
  • HP Camp will be one day and held in June. 2023 date and location are TBA. Cost to the camp is $150 + Palmetto Region will pick up the cost of $50 toward each chosen HP athlete, cost of each athlete is only $100. Participants are responsible for their travel, hotel accommodations if needed and breakfast. The region will supply lunch and supper.
  • Camp Refund:  If a player is accepted and requests a refund after acceptance.  
    Full refund if more than 30 days prior to camp. 
    50% refund if more than 2 weeks prior to camp. 
    no refund if less than 2 weeks prior to camp unless it is a medical injury and has a doctor's report indicating she can not participate. 

 Dates of Tryouts . (DEADLINES ARE 2 WEEKS PRIOR)

Players do not need to be participating in the tournament, may attend the tryout separate.  You may attend more than one tryout, registration is required and charged for each.

Not familiar with High Performance? Here are just a few of the great perks:

  • Expose athletes to high-level college (NCAA and NAIA) recruiters who attend the Camp that the Palmetto Region teams attend.
  • Offer a college-like sports athlete experience where athletes learn what it is like to be treated like an elite-level athlete.
  • Be a part of independent travel experience led by highly certified Coaches
  • Gain exposure to elite level coaching provided by the highest coaches. Our goal is to have majority college coaches.
  • Compete and train alongside other all-star calibre athletes from around the Palmetto Region.
  • Play against other all-star athletes from our Palmetto Region and building a player network in the region at the highest playing level.

We want athletes to be able to compete and train against the other top athletes in the Palmetto Region.

The Program has NO Team, Club, Organizational Alliances or Affiliations other than the Palmetto Region Volleyball Association and The National High Performance Championships.

Receiving an invitation means that the athlete has a confirmed spot for the camp if they choose to accept within the 48-hour window. Opportunities in programs are offered 1:1, meaning that the invite is yours and only yours until the 48-hour window has passed. Then the invite is given to the next waitlisted athlete. 


Email Jimmy at .  Provide members name, date currently registered for and date you want to move to. 

Waitlist, also known as alternate invitations, will be sent out to athletes at the same time as invitations. A waitlist position is the opportunity to participate in a program only if an invited athlete declines or vacates their offered position. The camp invites may take time to fill, please be patient as staff work to notify waitlist athletes of invitations in a timely manner.

HP Staff will contact waitlisted athletes based on rank and position with an email invitation if a spot becomes available for the camp and initiate program invitation. Please do not email regarding the timing or position of an athlete's waitlist status as we do not release this information.

While Palmetto Region HP strives to provide many opportunities to participate, unfortunately not every athlete will be afforded an opportunity in a particular year. High Performance Programs are the most competitive volleyball in the United States. Athletes who do not make a program should not be discouraged, with hard work and determination, improvement can be made over time. Every year is a new tryout year and we anticipate athletes’ skill level to change throughout development.  Prior year results are wiped clear and every tryout season all athletes must earn an invitation regardless of prior involvement.

All athletes who attend a tryout must preregister for the tryout by the posted deadline date. Tryout registration is $30 and includes the player Skill evaluation and a HP Tshirt.  Walk-ups will not be allowed to participate in a tryout. Though it is not recommended, athletes may attend more than one tryout as long as they pay the preregistration fee.  Palmetto Region reserves the right to cut off registration to any tryout based on maximum capacity of tryout.

Participants will be sent a courtesy email notification reminder of designated Age Group posting dates. Tryout results are communicated in the form of posting program selections. Skill evaluations from the tryouts are included in the tryout fee and can be made available to th Palmetto USA High Performance will be sole Sanctioned USA Volleyball Indoor High Performance Program in the Palmetto Region. The Program allows our region to train and compete under the USA Volleyball National HP Program umbrella. We duplicate the programs, training, and concepts athletes from across the nation can receive if they make a USA Volleyball National Program camp or team. The program will provide additional and unique development opportunities for the Region’s Elite Junior Volleyball Athletes as well as to the Region’s Elite and Aspiring Volleyball Coaches. We operate in full compliance with the USA Volleyball National Team Athlete Development Philosophy. Athletes are selected through a multi-tiered competitive selection process in compliance with USA Volleyball National Team Development Standards.


Palmetto Region Volleyball
1 Cobbler Ln. 
Simpsonville, SC 29681

(864) 576-3700

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