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Multiple Club Tryout Info

FAQ concerning Juniors who desire to tryout for multiple clubs

Due to a number of previous problems with clubs, we have addressed multiple tryouts in detail.  Understand, we want the player/family to end up where they feel is best for them.  All need to understand, each club will make decisions in relation to tournaments, uniforms, team size, coaches assignment, etc., before tryouts are over.  When clubs are not aware of a player considering other options, it can effect a number of areas in a negative way- so we simply say- keep all clubs informed in the front end, not afterward- NO SECRETS.

What is the Region Rule:

 Any player who desires to try out for multiple clubs is required to notify each club by completing and remitting the PVA Multi Club Tryout Disclosure form PRIOR to attending ANY tryouts. Click on the blue bar below to remit this form. Club directors will receive a copy of the information submitted in the form, you do not need to bring a hard copy to tryouts.

Upon making a decision, please email a notification to the club(s)  where you attended tryouts.  


If you plan to tryout for clubs in different regions: 

This is more complicated. You will need to follow the rules for both regions. In Palmetto region,  the Tryout membership payment is required, if the other region recognizes our registration and that region's club will allow you to tryout with proof of Palmetto Registration, that may be best.  IF NOT, then you need to register with that region and bring proof of registration to the Palmetto region club.  If you choose the Palmetto Region club, you will need to contact the other region to request transfer and/or refund, if payment was required.

What if I decide to go to another club after an initial tryout? 

Again, not a problem, as long as you are still in tryouts and have not committed to any club.  YOU MUST notify each club director of this intention AT THE TIME of your decision, NOT after you have attended the tryout. You MUST fill out the PVA Multi Club Tryout Disclosure Form.  

What if I want to consider another club (Club B) after tryouts are over with my initial club (Club A)  tryout? 

If you have not committed to Club A, you may consider Club B, but must fill out the PVA Multi Club Tryout Disclosure Form AND notify both club directors immediately, not after you attended Club B’s tryout.

What is I have committed to Club A and later desire to consider Club B? 

You must get a release from Club A in writing before you contact Club B.


Players who are considering multiple clubs at ANY time in the tryout process are encouraged to  notify each club director PRIOR to attending another clubs tryouts or prior to calling another club to inquire about placement. You must notify the clubs by filling out the Multi Club Tryout Disclosure form linked above.