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Tournament Gate Tickets

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Gate Ticket Information & FAQ

Ticket Sales for 2022 Region Tournaments

Our staff for ticket questions can be contacted at: 

Revised Ticket Procedure as of 11/29/21

Similar to last year, each tournament will offer pre-order options for tickets. Most will also offer ticket sales at the gate, although that is up to each individual tournament host. There will not be spectator limits unless mandated by a specific facility. 

Each team should have a Team Ticket Coordinator (and back up in case they can't attend).  Pre-ordered tickets will be picked up day of the tournament.  Payment will need to be made at pick up. Spectators must pay the coordinator in advance so coordinator will have funds for ticket pickup.  

Each tournament should offer pre-ordered tickets and at event gate sales.  Pre-ordered normally will have a 2 week deadline prior to tournament. 

** PLAYERS are not issued tickets- they enter by their uniform. 
Coaches will NOT need tickets for most events (some host may require) but they ALL will need to show their membership card, photo ID and roster. 

Single Day Two Day Three Day
Adult $10 Adult per day $10 Adult per day $15
Child (5-17) $7 Child (5-17) per day $7 Child (5-17) per day $10
Child (4 and under) Free Adult Weekend $15 Adult Weekend $25
Child (5-17) Weekend $10 Child (5-17) Weekend $15
Child (4 and under) Free Child (4 and under) Free


Q: What if my daughter, a player, wants to re-enter to watch another player or sibling ?

A: Needs to be counted in total team capacity limits. They do not need to pay, just show USAV Membership card. 

Q: If we have daughters playing on different teams, different ages, in different waves, do we have to pay for two tickets? 

A: No, if it is the same tournament, same day.  

Q: What do you do if someone wants a ticket AFTER you remitted your pre-order. 

A: Have them buy at the gate.  

Q: If there is a tournament hold on Saturday and Sunday by same host, do I need two tickets for each day. 

A: Yes

Tournaments and Ticket Pre-order Links

This is for TEAM orders only, not individuals.  

Deadlines are normally two weeks prior to event. 


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Ninety Six, SC 29666

(864) 576-3700

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