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Tournament Gate Tickets

List of all tournaments and link to pre-order is bottom of page

Required in all facilities

Gate Ticket Information & FAQ

Ticket Sales for 2021 Region Tournaments

Our staff for ticket questions can be contacted at: 

Revised Ticket Procedure as of 12/15/20

 Disregard email about codes and Sports Wrench. 

Due to a number of logistical problems we have faced in using an online ticket order, along with extra cost for credit card and admin fees, we have reconsidered and plan to use another method for gate tickets.   

New plan: Tournaments will offer Pre-ordered tickets and/or ticket sales at the gate. Capacity limits must still be adhered to. 

At  facility gate sales, spectators are required to complete ticket coupon (link on the page to download) in order to purchase.  If you are purchasing at the gate, have this form completed BEFORE you reach sales.   

  • Each facility will have a capacity limit. This is posted on our tournament schedule- click on "event info".   Will be in top table under spectator capacity. 
  • The capacity count includes only adult spectators.  Does not include any rostered member: Players, Coaches or adult staff that has USAV memberships.  Does not include Children under age 17.   Larger facilities charge for children 5-17, they will not be counted. 

 New guidelines below. 

Bottom Line/Most Important: 
Clubs/Teams must plan and control spectator attendance to stay within team capacity limitations.  Simply put, if this doesn’t work, tournaments will not work.  Please, let's all work together so everyone can enjoy watching their children, safely.    

Each team should have a Team Ticket Coordinator (and back up in case they can't attend).  Pre-ordered tickets will be picked up day of the tournament.   Payment will need to be made at pick up. Spectators must pay in advance so coordinator will have funds for orders.  

Capacity will be tracked by either pre-orders by team and Teams remitting an attendance form (above).   Each team should have remitted to region their ticket coordinator. 

Each tournament should offer Pre-ordered Tickets and at event gate sales.  Pre-ordered normally will have a 2 week deadline prior to tournament. 

 We are praying that the Vaccine will reduce restrictions as we get later into the season. 


2021 Ticket Prices: 

Venues 6 courts or less

Single Day 
Adult  $5 
Child (0-17) $0 (Children are not included in total allowed ticket count).

Half day events, including Kids Power 
Adult $5
Child (0-17) $0

Venues 7 or more courts:

Half Day
Adults- $5
Children 0-17 Free

Single Day 
Adult $10 
Child (5-17) $7
(4 and under free)

Adult $10 per day 
Child $7 per day 
Weekend Pass
Adult $15 
Child (5-17) $10  
(4 and under free- not included in count)

3 Day 
Adult $10 per day 
Child (5-18) $7 per day 
Weekend Pass
Adult $25 
Child (5-18) $15 
(4 and under free-not included in count)

** PLAYERS are not issued tickets- they enter by their uniform. 
Coaches will need tickets for most events (some host may not require) but they ALL will need to show their membership card and photo ID. 


Q: What if my daughter, a player, wants to re-enter to watch another player or sibling ?

A: Needs to be counted in total team capacity limits. They do not need to pay, just show USAV Membership card. 


Q: If we have daughters playing on different teams, different ages, in different waves, do we have to pay for two tickets? 

A: No, if it is the same tournament, same day.  You would need to be counted in total capacity on the 2nd team. 

Q: What do you do if someone wants a ticket AFTER you remitted your pre-order. 

A: Have them buy at the gate.  Just make sure your team has not exceeded the facility capacity. 

Q: If there is a tournament hold on Saturday and Sunday by same host, do I need two tickets for each day. 

A: Yes



Tournaments and Ticket Pre-order Links

This is for TEAM orders only, not individuals. Anyone who desires to purchase at the gate must complete the At Gate Ticket Form and bring completed to
the tournament and remit to gate staff to purchase a ticket.  Pre-orders and gate sales must remain within team capacity limits. 

Deadlines are normally two weeks prior to event. 

PVA01a: Jan 2-3 Charleston Jan Jam 12-18 Pwr Pre-order Link here
PVA01b: Jan 2 Kickoff Classic 12-14 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA01c: Jan 3 Kickoff Classic 15-18 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA02a: Jan 9 Winter Blast 12-18 Power Pre-order Link here
PVA03a: Jan 16-17 Southern Classic 12-18 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA03b: Jan 23 Kids Power I 12 Dev Pre-order Link here
PVA04a: Jan 23-24 Southern Classic 12-18 Power Pre-order Link here
PVA05a: Jan 30 Crosstown Throwdown 15-18 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA05b: Jan 31 Crosstown Throwdown 12-14 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA05c: Jan 31 C1 Kidz Power 2 12u Dev Pre-order Link here
PVA06a: Feb 6 Crosstown Throwdown 12-14 Power Pre-order Link here
PVA06b: Feb 7 Crosstown Throwdown 15-18 Power Pre Order Link Here
PVA07a: Feb 13 Carolina One Challenge 12 & 14 Club Pre-Order Link Here
PVA07b: Feb 13 Stars Challenge 15-18 Club Pre-order Link here
PVA07c: Feb 14 Kidz Power 12u Dev Pre Order Link Here
PVA07d: Feb 14 Carolina One Challenge 13 Club Pre-Order Link Here
PVA08a: Feb 20-21 Beach Ball Bash 12-18 Power Coming soon
PVA09a: Feb 27 Winter Heat 12-14 Club; 18 Club Coming soon
PVA09b: Feb 27 Kidz Power IV 12 Dev Coming soon
PVA09c: Feb 28 Winter Heat 15-17 Club Coming soon
PVA10a: Mar 6-7 Winter Heat 12-18 Power Coming soon
PVA11a: Mar 13 Palmetto 12 Club & Dev Coming soon
PVA11b: Mar 13 Shamrock Showdown 13-18 Club Coming soon
PVA11c: Mar 14 Shamrock Showdown 13-18 Club Coming soon
PVA12a: Mar 20 Spring Challenge 13-15 Power Coming soon
PVA12b: Mar 20 Spring Challenge 16-18 Power Coming soon
PVA13: Mar 26-28 PVA Championship 15U-18U Coming soon
PVA14: Apr 2-4 PVA Championships 12U-14U Coming soon
PVA15: May 8-9 Spring Fling 12-18 Girls Coming soon



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