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9/15/23 - Registration opens
2/16/24 - Late entry fees begin
2/16/24 - Deadline to withdraw for full refund
3/11/24 - Online check in opens
3/13/24 - Online check in closes


12 Developmental

12 Club


Register on AES
Registration opens 9/15 at 10 AM


12 Club- North Central HS - 4 Courts
3000 Lockhart Rd, Kershaw, SC 29067  

* Food Tables will only be allowed outside. A Food Truck will be available to purchase food. Chairs are not allowed in this facility, bleachers are available. 

Food Truck Menu Click Here

12 Developmental - Camden HS - 3 Courts
1022 Ehrenclou Drive, Camden, SC 29020

* Food Tables will only be allowed in the cafeteria/lobby. A concession stand will be available to purchase food. Chairs are not allowed in this facility, bleachers are available. 


Register in AES

Registration for all PVA tournaments opens September 15 at 10am EST.

Tournament Schedule

Tournament schedules will be posted on AES by the Wednesday before the tournament.

Tournament Formats

12 Developmental / Kidz Power

  • Format will be 2 set to 25. Score will start at 6. No tie breaker set. 5th place team in pool play will go home. Teams seed 1-4 will go bracket play.
  • Net height is set at 6’8”-7’ (depending on capability of net system).
  • Volley lite ball will be used
  • Tournament is for 12 and under development teams.
  • IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTAL RULE CHANGE - There will be NO 3 serve limit rule for this tournament.
  • Serve In Rule: Players are allowed to move in on the court in order to make a successful serve. Can move up to 10-foot line if necessary.
  • No Scorekeeper needed, we will just use a flip chart. We REQUIRE you have a parent/adult do this.
  • Unlimited Subs: Players may come in and out as desired.
  • Relaxed Rules: We will relax rules and calls to encourage play. COACHES SHOULD R2 - no kids. Parents requested to line judge.
  • Warmups between matches will be 2-4- 4: 2 minutes of shared court, four minutes for each team.

Gym Locations

Camden High School
1022 Ehrenclou Drive
Camden, SC 29020

North Central High School
3000 Lockhart Rd
Kershaw, SC

Gym Rules

*No outside chairs, food tables outside only



Palmetto Region Entry Fees

Ticket Type Fee
Adult Single Day $10
Children under 18 Free


Palmetto Region Tournament Policies

PVA Spectator Code of Conduct

Refund Policies

Deadline for a full refund: 2/9/24