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3/5 Kidz Power 4


All Kidz Power Teams start in a single wave at 12:00PM (aka noon).

Kids Power Rules

Modified Rules for Kids Power Tournaments:

Format:  We plan 4 team pools on 6 courts in a single wave. 

Matches will be 2 games to 25, no tiebreaker (third) sets will be played.   No playoff brackets.  

Tournament is for 12 and under development teams.


Limit 3 serve rule: If 3 consecutive serves- we side out after winning 3 consecutive points from same server. Prevents the ace server from running off 25 points.

Server may have two attempts to serve.  If server misses the first serve (no point loss) they get a second chance.  If they miss the 2nd, point awarded and side out. 


Serve From Rule: Players are allowed to move in on the court in order to make a successful serve. Up to 10' line. Do not abuse this.


No Scorekeeper needed, we will just use the scoreboard. We REQUIRE you have a parent/adult do this. Prefer an adult for lines.

Use the scoresheet to report the team names and scores from each match.  After each match, make sure the score form is taken to the championship desk.  

Unlimited Sub: Players may come in and out as desired.

Relaxed Rules: We will relax rules and calls to encourage play.




All Win: Everyone gets prizes at the end. Come up based on final placement. 

Entry Fee:


Age Division / Level:

12 Developmental


Rock Hill Sports Ctr
326 Technology Way. Rock Hill SC 

Host Contact Info :

CSRA Heat,

Withdrawal Deadline:

February 5, 2022

Misc / Special Considerations:





Tickets can be purchased at gate 

Adults- $10. Children 4-17  $7

AES Match Format & Times Click here for AES match format
Team Check In Head Coach Team Check In

General Tournament Rules and Information

For questions related to withdrawal, changes, or entries, email or call the region at or during business hours 864-576-3700.

For specific questions about tournament or gym sites, contact the host.

View all PVA tournament policies below, including information on withdraw deadlines and fines, changing divisions, acceptance policies, and inclement weather policies. You are responsible for reading and following these policies.

Kidz Power tournaments follow modified rules. Please read the document linked below and direct any questions to