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Indoor Boys

Indoor Boys Club FAQ

The Palmetto Region began sanctioning boys competition during the 2012-13 season. During that season, the region received a USAV grant to help with the promotion and growth of boys volleyball in the region. Our goal is to continue to grow the opportunities for boys to play in the Palmetto Region.

While the region’s goal is to hold tournaments for boys teams throughout the club season, boys are allowed to play on girls teams in the 16U and younger age groups. Boys must play 2 age groups up in girls competition. For example, if the boy falls in the 12U age category, he must play on a 14U or higher girls team. The following guidelines are in place:

  • 12U girls teams can accept an unlimited number of boys 10U or younger
  • 13U girls teams can accept a maximum of 4 boys 11U or younger
  • 14U girls teams can accept a maximum of 3 boys 12U or younger
  • 15U girls teams can accept a maximum of 2 boys 13U or younger
  • 16U girls teams can accept a maximum of 2 boys 14U or younger

Boys 15u and above may only play against boys teams. 

Tournaments:  boys 14U and below may play with girls.  If we have sufficient boy teams, we will create divisions. 

USAV Registration

All players wishing to participate in a club program must be registered with USA Volleyball prior to participating in any practices or tryouts. For more information on renewing or beginning your USA Volleyball membership, review the membership section of the website. Detailed instructions are available to help you navigate the registration/renewal process.

PVA Clubs

The Palmetto Region encompasses over 40 clubs that specialize in volleyball training of both boys and girls. Clubs vary in size, scope, and program offerings, so be sure to visit a club’s website, ask questions, and get recommendations before deciding which club is right for your son or daughter. Below are some resources to help you find the right fit.

What is Club Volleyball?

Club, or Junior Olympic (JO), Volleyball offers the opportunity for athletes to participate within various volleyball clubs after their school season. Club volleyball is an avenue for players ages 10 (or even younger) to 18 to play in competitive tournaments and receive advanced training. For more information about club volleyball, view the PVA Guide to Club Volleyball.