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Hotel Stay to Save FAQ

Rules for 2017

  • All team members must book inside the Palmetto Hotel Room Block.
  • Hotel Reservations will all be made online. Details below.
  • Make sure you review ALL rules before making reservations to avoid fines.

Failure to adhere to the following requirements will result in team paying an additional team Entry Fee.

  1. Teams are required to book a minimum of 10 room nights, unless received region waiver. Parents may book with points, but team must still meet the minimum room nights. 
  2. If 2  or more rooms are dropped by a team within 3 weeks of the event
  3. Reserving a block of 2 or more rooms and not transferring them into individual names within 48 hours of group block being made.
  4. If reservations are made prior to the club open reservation date.
  5. Reservations cancelled within 30 days, club will be charged a percentage of rebate per cancellation. 

Failure to meet requirements, team will pay an additional $100 entry fee and lose a percentage of rebate, if provided. 

Palmetto Region Stay To Save FAQs

What is Stay to Save?  

Requires attending teams who are not local (Region waives teams who are within 45 miles of the event to be determined Local) to book hotel rooms only within the list of hotels shown on Approved Hotel List.  Local teams must contact Host for approval.

Why use Stay to Save?   

Palmetto Region has been able to offer the event entry fee up to 50% less than other comparable multi-day tournaments and obtain hotel room rates at competitive group rates. The city tracks verifiable room blocks to determine the economic value of the tournament to the local economy (the key word  is” verifiable”).

The higher the economic value of an event, the greater the willingness of the city to make the facility available on the desired dates for the tournament, offer hotel rooms at affordable group rates and facility at a reasonable price. This, in turn, helps to keep the costs of running the event in check and protects team costs from major escalation year to year.

This program does the following to help members: 

  • Palmetto Region does NOT use a housing company, like the Stay to Play events by the national qualifiers or other large events. This in itself saves 10-20%.
  • Assures that we are able to get the best date requested for the event.  The more verifiable rooms nights you can show the city, the more the economic impact will be and more negotiations power to demand specific dates.
  • We are able to negotiate hotel room rates lower than individual can typically get. Hotels would not be restricted to keep competitive rates, and as rooms fill could increase rates as it gets closer to the event.
  • By doing this, we block enough rooms to assure all needing rooms are able to find rooms. Without a contract, hotels could sell out to other individuals or events and teams may have to stay well away from the venue.
  • With the economic impact, we can keep site rates lower- therefore keeping team entries lower.