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Multiple Club Tryout FAQ

If you are registered with a club and need to change to Undecided, email the region office with member name and DOB.

FAQ concerning Juniors who desire to tryout for multiple clubs

Due to a number of previous problems with clubs, we have addressed multiple tryouts in detail.  Understand, we want the player/family to end up where they feel is best for them.  All need to understand, each club will make decisions in relation to tournaments, uniforms, team size, coaches assignment, etc., before tryouts are over.  When clubs are not aware of a player considering other options, it can effect a number of areas in a negative way- so we simply say- keep all clubs informed in the front end, not afterward- NO SECRETS.

What is the Region Rule:

Palmetto Region requires any player who desires to tryout for multiple clubs to notify each club director by filling out and turning in the PVA Multi Club Tryout Disclosure document prior to attending any tryout or inquiring to another club about team placement. Failure to do so can result in the player being sanctioned from participating in the first region tournament that her club team participates.
Once the player/family commits to a specific club, you need to immediately notify the other clubs, in writing.  Failure to notify immediately can result in sanctions to player.

Players and clubs are to keep emails sent and received in case of dispute or question.  On the USAV Palmetto Registration, you should initially choose as your club “undecided”. Once you commit to a club, go back into your record and change the club name.

Why do we have to notify the clubs of who we are trying out for:

New 2020:  Notify other clubs once you decide within 3 hrs!  

Parents and players need to understand, clubs often must pre-register for tournaments, acquire gym space, hire coaches, order uniforms, etc.  All this can be affected by the club choice of one or two players, if they play a key position needed to make a team.  Failure to notify the club you plan to NOT play for can affect all these areas.  This is why the region requires – KEEP all club directors informed of when and who you decide to play for, AT the time you decide- not 2 or 3 days later.  Notification must be done within 3 hrs ( preferred immediately) via email at time of commitment to one club. We also require that you notify each  club of the other clubs you plan to tryout for (including club names). We do this because most club directors will be in contact with each other concerning teams, who is needed, positions, etc. When players/parents aren't transparent, it causes issues for all clubs involved, as well as other players and coaches.  

If I plan to attend tryouts with 2 or more clubs, when do I notify the clubs?

When you remit the registration to each club and/or PRIOR to attending any tryouts.  Each club director must receive the Multi Club Tryout Disclosure form from you.  You also need to choose “undecided” on the USAV / webpoint registration on the club field. Once you decide, you can go back in and change the club to who you choose.

If you plan to tryout for clubs in different regions: 

This is more complicated. You will need to follow the rules for both regions. In Palmetto region, no membership payment is required, if the other region recognizes our registration and that regions club will allow you to tryout with proof of Palmetto Registration, that may be best.  IF NOT, then you need to register with that region and bring proof of registration to the Palmetto region club.  If you choose the Palmetto Region club, you will need to contact the other region to request transfer and/or refund, if payment was required.

What if I decide to go to another club after an initial tryout? 

Again, not a problem, as long as you are still in tryouts and have not committed to any club.  YOU MUST notify each club director of this intention AT THE TIME of your decision, NOT after you have attended the tryout.  Remember to change your USAV record club name from undecided to the club you choose.

What if I want to consider another club (Club B) after tryouts are over with my initial club (Club A)  tryout? 

If you have not committed to Club A, you may consider Club B, but must notify both club directors immediately, not after you attended Club A’s tryout.

What is I have committed to Club A and later desire to consider Club B? 

You must get a release from Club A before you contact Club B.

Club offers and guidelines: 

The region wants players/families who desire to tryout for more than one club to be ABLE to do this without pressure, ultimatums, or undue insinuations of not being placed on X team if you go elsewhere.  If a parent or player feels this has happened, contact the region with details, information will be kept confidential.


Players who are considering multiple clubs at ANY time in the tryout process MUST notify each club director PRIOR to attending another clubs tryouts or prior to calling another club to inquire about placement. You must notify the clubs by turning in the Multi Club Tryout Disclosure form to each club. Once you commit to a club, you must notify all remaining clubs of your decision. Go back into your USAV record and change club name from undecided to the club you will participate with.

If you’ve received team offers from all clubs after all your tryouts, your decision should be made within 48 hours of your last offer (if 48 hours falls before the end of the “open tryout period”) to help move the process on for other families and assist Club Directors in managing team needs. Once you have made a decision, you are required to notify the other clubs by email within 3  hours.