Enthusiastic. Supportive. Positive.

ESP Program 
Good Sportsmanship isn’t just a suggestion for the way every player, coach and fan should act on and off the court – it is the expectation. The Palmetto Region wants to recognize and reward those who exceed the expectation.

The 2018-19 season marks the first year of the “Enthusiastic. Supportive.Positive.” program that encourages volleyball positive enthusiasts from clubs in our region.

ESP Program Details

Who can win a wristband?

  • Fans in the stands
  • Coaches on the court
  • Players in a match

So, what do you have to do to get a wristband?

  • Support your team!
  • Be positive!
  • Show character that would make your mother proud!
  • Encourage others to be POSITIVE
  • Discourage witnessed negative behavior
  • Recognize the good in your team and others. Get excited when even your opponent makes an amazing save or play.
  • Don’t cheer against another team.
  • Don’t taunt or heckle officials, coaches or players. Don’t give your club or team a black eye with any “in your face” cheers.

The above should be your goal for the season. You may not be seen for each positive action, but your odds are good if you continue through the season and it makes a difference in our sport! If you win one, WEAR it with pride and yes, you can win more than one!

Who awards the ESP Bands?

Tournament directors, gym tournament supervisors, Palmetto Region staff, referees and board members are watching. Each participating coach will have 5 to give out during the season, as well, but those must be given to someone outside his or her own club.

Anyone who awards another person a ESP Band, we would like for you to get a picture and the person’s name, remit to social@palmettovb.com so we can share on social media!

Additional Perks

Clubs who participate in this program will receive extra promotion in region newsletters, social media and website. 

For in region teams attending the Palmetto Region Championships in March, anyone who was awarded a wristband throughout the year will be eligible to win Palmetto Region gear such as T-shirts, water bottles, volleyballs and other cool swag. Just come to championship desk, show your band(s) and register for the drawing.

Clubs will need to notify the region if they plan to participate so we can ship them bands.  Email Julie if you would like for us to include your club in this program