Parent Assistant Program

Parent Assistant (PA)

The groundwork for a new program has been laid to further the Palmetto Region’s mission to have athletes, coaches, parents and officials work together to grow the sport of volleyball and enhance everyone’s experience at volleyball events.

Goal is to identify one parent per team to

  • assist team official work duties as a R2 or SK
  • assist in training team players related to official work duties
  • Be a positive role model for other team parents by encouraging positive cheering

The Palmetto Region finds a great deal of benefit in this new program, titled Parent Assistant  (PA).  Region will work with your club to award one parent per team for 2018-19 season, possible expansion next season.

What the Region provides to the PA parent:

  • 100% USAV membership fee refunded at end of season, less background fee ($50 value) based on meeting the below requirements during the season assisting the team.  Some clubs may consider reimbursing the BG fee. 
  • Free PA T-shirt ($10 value) at beginning of season.
  • Recognition as PA parent leader on region website.
  • Free entry into region tournaments (*average value of up to $60)
  • Free clinics to become certified to assist team.
    • Official clinics: R2 or scorekeeper
    • Safesport clinic
    • Impact clinic- optional

(Note: If you pass R2 clinic and train this season, it is possible to work as R1’s next season to make $$)

What the region requires from the PA parent & club: ( This program is optional)

Club or coach will determine which parent is chosen to participate in the PA program. Names will be remitted to region after team tryouts via online form.

The parent:

  • Agrees to complete at least one team official clinic as R2 or scorekeeper prior to Dec. 20th and work in this position at least ½ of the tournaments the team attends. We encourage they take BOTH. 
  • Agrees to assist in training team players in officiating duties. Eg: If they get certified as scorekeeper, allow a player to sit with you and train while you work a match.  If R2, they could stand behind the parent to practice or be R2 with parent supervising.
  • Agrees to be a positive role model for other team parents and encourage positive cheering.
  • Agrees to take safesport clinic by Dec. 20th.
  • Encourage other parents to assist in line judging or being scoreflipper (free online clinic) this gives players a break during tournaments and may improve calls.
  • Agrees to complete in region tournament surveys for region tournaments team attends.
  • Team must be registered to attend a minimum of 3 in-region tournaments during 2018-19 season to qualify for refund of membership fee.

DETAILS: Club will provide the region the name of the parent who is assigned via online form.  Once chosen, the parent can apply for PA membership online and then can take official clinics. 

Parent will need to pay the $50 membership fee and ($20 background check fee, once every 2 years).  The $50 membership will be refunded at Charlotte Regionals once parent remits form signed by club director or coach verifying they have completed above requirements. Club may desire to reimburse the $20 background check fee.

Club Remittal of Parent Information

The region will create a online google doc form for club to remit parent names that will represent your team.  This  will be available early October. If you do not have link, contact region.