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COVID Tournament Policies

Return to Play Guidelines for Competition Venues and Events

As of September 25, 2021

We are modifying rules for the 2022 season.  More details will be coming closer to season as we learn more on Covid.  

2021 Rules

Jan 6, 2021 New Penalties for not abiding by rules below.  This includes ALL rules below. 


First offense : will be a warning
Second offense: required to leave facility for remaining of the tournament. 
Third offense:  Suspended for all events for remainder of season. 

Members: Coaches, Adult staff or Players:   This is one of more members on your team

First offense:  Warning
Second offense:  10 point penalty on next game.
Third offense:  Reported to region for fine, suspension or sanction. 
NEW: 1/10/21. Clubs may be fined by region if coaches, bench staff or players are not obeying rules. 

Tournament Staff:  
First offense:  Warning
Second offense:  $50 fine per incident
Third: Report to region, possible loss of hosting rights

Region is hiring a Covid Compliance Staff Person who will assist other leadership to enforce these rules for the safety of all. 

I hope we do not have to enforce any of the above. 

NEW for 2021

These Covid rules listed below will supersede any conflicting rules that are published by the Palmetto Region.  For clarification: there are two or more organizations that operate volleyball tournaments.  We are USA Volleyball-Palmetto Region and the rules below are required for events sanctioned by our organization only. 

Of course, every family must make a decision what is best for them.  No one is required to attend any event, if your family feels uncomfortable attending, notify your team and club.  

Palmetto Region is planning for the best experience for everyone during this very unusual season.  For our season to be successful, it will take EVERYONE to follow the below rules.  

Consequences:  Anyone; Spectators, players, coaches not following all the rules below will be asked to leave the facility. Refusal to leave will result in suspension to attend tournaments for remainder of the season.  We are doing this for the safety of everyone. 

Regardless of your belief on COVID, you must agree to adhere to the rules below to participate or attend tournaments within our region during this season.  Our priority is the safety of members and spectators.   

Expect fewer facilities available. Facilities that are available, we will probably use on both Saturday and Sunday for single day events, rotating age groups on Sunday for different events.
Rock Hill will be used more due to availability, quality and size.

Prior to Event

Hotel Reservations: 

If individuals or teams need hotel reservation for any region event this season you will need to make reservations a little earlier than normal.  Each event should provide hotel information with specific info located on the tournament schedule page.  

2021 Gate Ticket Sales

We are requesting team spectators pre-order gate tickets for 2021.  Gate tickets will be available but must still remain under team capacity limits.  Required read on how to: 

Click here


During the Event

Facility Protocol for all teams at Tournaments

We are trusting EVERYONE will abide by the rules below. Tournament staff can not be everywhere, if you see someone not abiding by the rules, inform tournament staff or an official. We hope people will ask others to abide by rules, but if you feel uncomfortable doing this, report to above staff. Don't be one of "those people"! Those will ruin it for everyone. 

  • Mask (or face shields) are required by EVERYONE inside any facility. Only exception, it is optional for players who are participating in a match, along with children 6 and under.  
    Anyone refusing to wear a mask inside the facility will be required to leave immediately and team you are associated with could face penalties.

  • Players must wear a mask while not participating on the court.  
  • All players should bring their own water bottles, mark each with names.  No water stations will be available in facilities.
  • No handshakes, high-fives or or huddles by teams. 
  • Teams playing will NOT change sides after each set. Spectators should not move seats, if provided.  Please wipe off your provided seats after the match. 
  • Two volleyballs will be used for each court.  Between matches, the R1 will ensure the working team sanitize the volleyballs (cleaning product provided by host) before the next match.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing product will be available at every court. Everyone is encouraged to bring your own also. 
  • All spectators must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times during the event. (Consideration should be given to families from the same household).  Avoid congestion at all times! 
  • Teams are encouraged to assign a parent willing to video match and publish using facebook live for team spectators not in attendance. 
  • Work Teams and players who keep scorebooks should bring their own pencils/pens and are responsible for wiping down table before starting and after finishing. 

Court Match Protocol 

In short: the only people allowed in the court area will be:

  • The two playing teams and the spectators from these two teams. 
  • 1 person from the off team (Team Communication Coordinator) 
  • From the work team, only the required members of the working team and a coach.  Do not interchange players on the work team in same match. 
  • Everyone ELSE MUST leave the court area immediately, go to designated area to social distance and do not return until told.  See below. 
  • Reminder- EVERYONE, except players participating in the match will be required to wear a mask/shield while inside facility.


  • Players/Adult staff of playing teams are not allowed inside the facility earlier than 45 mins before their teams scheduled start. 
  • Parents/Spectators may not enter the facility earlier than 15 mins before the start of their teams first scheduled match. 
  • Off team may not enter facility until their scheduled match and must follow guidelines below.  
  • Work Team will not enter facility except for work team crew, as described below.

Second scheduled match and remainder of day/wave.

Teams and spectators must leave court area immediately after the end of your team's match, unless you are scheduled to play the next match.  Please wipe of your seat if bleacher or provided seating.  Coach- if you plan a post match meeting and are not scheduled to play or work next match, hold your meeting away from court area in social distancing area. 

Off team players, coaches and spectators are not to be in the court area and must leave the court area immediately after your team's match to an area where social distancing can be accomplished. Host will provide suggested areas, if available.  Outside would be the primary choice, weather permitting.  If the facility doesn’t have space inside and weather is bad, spectators will need to return to their cars. 

Off team must assign 1 person (Team Communication Coordinator)
to stay in the court area and notify team players/coach to return no earlier than 10 points before the end of the deciding game.   If the score in game two is close and can't be determined, you may have your team return.  If match goes to 3rd game, players may stay in court area but must social distance. 

Team communication coordinator may NOT allow parents and spectators to return to court area until AFTER team warmups have begun.  This provides time for playing team spectators to leave area. 

Arriving spectators are encouraged to bring your own wipes to clean bleachers/chairs, if seating is available.  Region website will provide seating options by facility.

Work Team: (all wear mask)

Players, coaches and spectators (except for designated workers) must leave the court area to an area where social distancing can be accomplished. Host should suggest areas.  Outside would be the primary choice.  If the facility doesn’t have space inside and weather is bad, spectators will need to return to their cars. 

Head or Assistant Coach for working team will serve as Team Communication Coordinator and supervisor of official work team.  Coach may also serve one of the team work duties.  If coach is not participating in work team they must stay in court area.


 Coach is to assign workers to cover the following work positions:  R2, two line judges, scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreflipper.  Be prepared to provide R1, if needed. 

No additional players may be in court area.  Assigned workers will work entire match.  You can rotate different work team members for future matches. 
Scorekeepers are to bring their own pencils/pens. Wipe table before you begin and after you finish with provided cleaning products. 


Coach Team Communication Coordinator may notify remaining team players/coach who can return no earlier than 10 points within end of the deciding game.   If the score in game two is close and can't be determined, you may have your team return.  If match goes to 3rd game, players may stay in court area but must social distance. 

Coach Team communication coordinator may NOT allow parents and spectators to return to court area until AFTER team warmups begin. 

Due to a potential shortage of officials working college matches, each team must have a R1 certified official in event we do not have a paid official. 

Viewing a match that your team is not participating.

At times, coaches, players or spectators desire to view matches that your team is not participating.  Due to Covid rules, this will not be allowed.  1 coach per team may view a match for scouting purposes.
All others, if you desire to view another teams match, we suggest you ask if that team has a parent who will be showing it live via facebook live and watch the match outside court area via phone.  No exceptions: Again, only the two teams playing, those teams spectators and working crew. 

There is consequences for anyone breaking these rules. 

Food Tables: Current plans will allow team food tables if teams follow the rules below. 

  • Some facilities restrict food tables, check on region website before planning.
  • All food has to be individually packaged/wrapped. IE, no communal bowls, shared sandwich trays, etc. 
  • Teams are to social distance as much as possible.  
  • Set up outside if weather permitting. Check our website on facility rules concerning food and tables.

    Team Capacity Determination  
  • The region is publishing the tentative guidelines as of Mid-September.  We are basing all assumptions that COVID will be about the same through our season.  With vaccines on the horizon, we could see a vast improvement during our season OR things could get worse before better.   Obviously, we will have to adjust as needed. 

    Spectator attendance will be determined by :
    (Maximum capacity- team quantity/ by courts/teams)   
    Expect quantity of available tickets will vary per event.  Region will publish an estimated ticket availability per team on bottom of this page as it becomes available. 

    Region will assume a team membership average quantity of 15 for purposes of determining spectator capacity by facility.

    We assume 4 teams per court or 60 players/staff per court.  No 5 tm pools allowed this year.  If 3 team pools, more tickets available.

    Staying Home and Reporting When Appropriate 

    Families many have a vast difference of opinion about COVID 19.  Our rules are non negotiable until the date the region suspends any restrictions. 

    Any member or family members who:

  • have COVID-19 symptom(s)
  • have tested positive for COVID-19
  • have recent exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • and knowingly attends a practice or tournament without first notifying your club director may face suspension from Palmetto Region.  Notification must be in BOTH email or text and phone call.  You must also get a response from the director before any attending any activity. 

    Anyone that tests positive needs to have a 10-day quarantine starting at the onset of symptoms and a negative test 5 or more days after that onset in order to attend any event.

  • All staff, spectators and players should stay home if they have a fever or feel sick. Take temperatures before leaving home.  If above 100.3 do not attend.
  • All staff, spectators and other auxiliary groups must quarantine and stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing COVID-19 symptoms or have had close contact with a person who has symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • We encourage all parents to bring individual hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.  If we have bleachers or chairs- recommend wiping them before seating. 
  • Covid Modified Refund Policy
    • Normal refund policy for non-covid withdrawals. 





4 Weeks Prior

6 Weeks Prior

Loss of Entry Fee or Fee due if unpaid

3 Weeks Prior

4 Weeks Prior

Loss of Entry Fee (Due if unpaid) and $50 Fine

1 Week Prior (Must call and speak with someone on phone and send an email)

  • 2 Weeks Prior (Must call and speak with someone on phone and send an email)

Loss of entry fee (Due if unpaid) and $100 fine

Within 48 Hours (Must call and speak with someone on phone and send an email)

1 Week Prior (Must call and speak with someone on phone and send an email)

Loss of entry fee(Due if unpaid), fine of $150 and sanction

NO SHOW with no record of call AND email

NO SHOW with no record of call AND email

Loss of Entry Fee (Due if unpaid), fine of $200 and sanction

Tournament Entry Fee is Due 4 weeks prior to event. Fees paid after this date will be charged late fee.

Tournament Entry Fee is Due 6 weeks prior to event. Fees paid after this date will be charged late fee.

Late Fee: $25 per team


Covid Modified Refund Policy for 2021

  • Region will refund 100% of entry if region cancels the tournament or facility becomes unavailable and we cannot find a replacement within reasonable 20 miles of original site . 
  • Teams who must withdraw due to Covid related issues may request from region a full refund.  Full refunds may be issued if team provides statement from doctors showing team member(s) reported positive for Covid


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