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If you have any questions about the Palmetto Region Officials Program, please contact our Officials Chairperson, at

One of the charges of the Palmetto Region is educating, training, and evaluating officials for the sport of volleyball. Beginning this season, the Palmetto Region will provide Professional Officials at each Sanctioned event for Juniors’ official training, supervision, rating,s and refereeing  duties of the highest playoff matches. The Palmetto Region will now be using USA Volleyball Official Training & Education as our official clinic/exam system. The clinics introduce the rules of the game to our members and provide them with the guidance and support to make their tournament experiences structured, fair, and hopefully, more enjoyable.

Rating Forms

Please use the rating form below to rate junior players and coaches in the R1 or R2 position. Ratings must be entered into the officials database by the professional official following the rating.

Abridged DCR

For the Abridged DCR, we eliminated the USAV gray boxes and the FIVB rules that are not is use, thus providing a simpler and easier to understand document covering the rules of play.  It is available for download right now at